Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, I guess I can post now... since I am not doing anything anyway.
I realized I hadn't told you some things that have happened since I got back form Munich, so last Wednesday I went to an art exhibit for my Czech Culture class. The exhibit featured art from the only famous Czech photographer. I think he should really be called a pornographer. Do not get me wrong, he had some pretty awesome stuff, but most of it was disgusting and AWFUL! I felt awkward just looking at it. I did like 3 prints especially, but the rest (which is around 100) were weird and odd. Let's just say he is not my cup of tea...
On to happier news: Yesterday I went to a park in Prague called Šárka (pronounced Sharka). I was there around 3 hours and this place is so beautiful. It's not like your conventional park. There are no real side walks, just worn down paths. One leads to the top of a hill, which overlooks Prague. I think I found my new favorite place in the city! I cannot wait to go back! Hopefully it will get me a little tan too before I head home!
Then today I went to a water park called AQUAPALACE!! I went with Kevin, Angela, Hannah, and Ida. It was a little bittersweet being there, because the place itself was awesome, but the last time I was at an indoor water park was with Greg and that was super fun! So it was me reminisce a little, but all in all it was an awesome time! We were there for about 4 and a half hours! The park itself was HUGE too. They had so many slides and then they had an indoor wave pool! Plus a mile long lazy river! Then some really sweet jacuzzi's. Basically, it's the coolest indoor park I have ever been to, so if you want to go, then Prague is where you need to be. If you study abroad here or anything, I recommend going to Aquapalace for sure, but make sure you go Monday, because it's so much cheaper!
Then this Friday I am heading to BUDAPEST! I'm having everything paid for, for around $140. Cannot complain too much since it's super cheap! Then, when I get back, I get 5000 Kr from the school! YAY for money! Anyway, that's all that's really been happening so far! I might report back tomorrow after my one class and let you know what will happen, since I missed the last one and we had a test in it! YIKES! Anyway have an awesome Monday! I sure did!

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