Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wien Pictures

First of all, I would like to say that I am going to a water park on Thursday!!! Today I went shopping at a place called the New Yorker and all the clothes had words on them, but written in English! What the heck?! So I bought this sweater that I always wanted. You know one of those huge, baggy, 80's sweater that is a dress and you wear tights with it? I have wanted one for about a year and I finally found on... in Prague. It was only like $15!! What a cheap price for a dream come true shirt!
I am taking my final next Wednesday for stats, but I am the only one, so I am bringing my lovely Polish/Bulgarian friend Ida with me and she will sit in the classroom while I take it. This is the teacher who rubs my head and freaks me out and I am pretty sure if I went alone I would not like it, so she is being a wonderful friend and coming with me!

Now then, these are all courtesy of my friend Chris, since my camera has abandoned me:

This is when we first got to Vienna at 5:30am. This is the main church called St. Stephens Cathedral in the middle of town.

The National Opera Theater. The likes of Mozart and Beethoven played here!
Statue dedicated to Mozart behind the Palace Hofburg
The Palace Hofburg in the middle of the city.
I don't know if you can see me. I'm the girl with my arms up in front of the statue! Anyway this is the Parliament building
This is the city hall, even though it looks like a church or something. Geez I love buildings here. So magnificent.
In front of Beethoven's grave! Buried next to him is Mozart. I will probably never be this close to so many famous people again! As you can see in my hand I still have my camera. :(
BIG LION STATUE. In front of the Palace Schonbrunn. I am pretty sure this was illegal...
The palace Schonbrunn
The huge grounds of Schonbrunn behind Chris and I.
PANDA BEARS!!!! The palace had it's own zoo with it's own PANDA BEARS! Of course a palace would have a zoo, and of course that zoo would contain one of the most extinct species in the world.
Chris with his new best friend!
You probably can't tell, but I am pointing to Kansas on the map! The Ferris Wheel behind me is a very famous one from Vienna. It has old train cars at the compartments on it.
Me excited to find a theme park!
Waiting for the bus to go home. Like the short new hair cut?
We had a stop in Brno (Czech Republic's 2nd largest city) and found this huge cool church. I guess I can cross Brno off the list, since we saw the only interesting thing there!

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