Friday, April 30, 2010

In the Land of Rubix Cubes

So we arrived in Budapest today, and we had such a busy time! We got into the train station, was told to get on a bus to where our hostel was, but not to buy a ticket, because apaprently people here do not care, and then searched for about 10 minutes for our hostel, because it was hidden in the apartments around town. We are righ tin the middle of town though! Which is awesome! this place is much bigger than Prague and we are managing just fine, infaltion is also about 10 times as much here as it is in Prague. A dollar will buy you 20 Krown (Czech money) and it will buy you 203 Florinte (Hungarian money). So I traded in $20 and got back 4000 Florinte. I feel so loaded!
The hostel we are in is very interesting... I quite like it, but some people from our group do not. We get free internet and have a room all to ourselves, so I cannot complain too much! Plus it's only about 10 Euro a night, so not too bad.
Today we went to the Citadell, which is a huge hill the fortess and lookout tower are on. The climb up it was almost impossible, mainly because it's 80 degrees here and I am wearing jeans! I did not think it would be this hot here! I am so happy! I am tired of looking at pictures of me in the grey jacket!
After we walked down to the castle and saw all the beauty that was there. The Parliament building here is so beautiful, and I personally think it is better than Big Ben and his Parliament building in London. So Frank, you asked what is there to ever see in Budapest? A ton, and I love this city a lot! It's one of the best I have actually seen here in Europe. Tomorrow we are going to a spa (which Budapest is famous for) and going to see some other things as well.... I almost forgot!
The rubix cube was invented in Hungary, and I have officially done the rubix cube in the land it was invented in. I always thought it was created in America, so I never thought it was a big deal, but boy am I mistaken! Now I am among the few Americans that have rubixed it out in Hungary and sloved it! WINNER! They have a sweet magnet here with a rubix cube on it, and I am pretty sure I am going to buy that magnet, instead of one with any buildings on it. Just to commemorate my success and all. That's one thing I will not need next year for my apartment with Chelsea. Magnets. Oh, and shot glasses. We will defiantly be covered on both fronts with international commodities in the form of shot glasses and magnets.

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