Monday, April 12, 2010


That's my motto for this birthday, but it's really the only good thing that comes out of it, besides me getting to have a party. I mean when your 21 at least you get to drink legally, but I do not even get to do that, it's just like hey you have lived two decades. Congrats!
I know most people are glad to leave teenage years, but it kind of makes me sad. It means I am even more of an adult than I ever really wanted to be. I would be happy if I could just be 10 forever, during the summer time and eating my Spaghettio's while watching Nickelodeon. Those were honestly some of the funnest times in my life. I was just so innocent and unknowing of things. I got to go outside and play without a care in the world. Being old just makes things way to complicated and hard. I think Peter Pan had the right idea.
Tonight my friends are throwing a huge party for me. We are starting to party here around 8pm and then heading to a club. I do not think I will make it to class tomorrow at 9am!
When I got back from Poland, my roommate Hannah decorated my room and put up a HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY! sign. She also made a little party hat and put it on my panda bear. It makes me happy to have people care that much about me here. I was sad I was going to have a boring birthday here, but guess not.
I also got to open up a birthday present from my Mom and Frank! It was so awesome. My dad and grandma Barb and cousin Jessica also have some coming apparently. I even have letters in the mail. I love getting mail, it makes me happy people still remember even though I am all the way over here.
I had my Stats final today as well, and I told my professor it was my birthday and he said well congratulations. Asked me if I thought I had learned a lot in the class. I said that I did and that the equation sheets really helped me and then he said, "Well, then I think we are done here." Then he gave me an Excellent as a grade (I think that's an A) and told me to have a Happy Birthday. Gotta love European teachers. I was literally there for 5 minutes.
On Wednesday night I am heading to Germany. I realized that after next weekend I will have traveled 4 weekends straight! Crazy! Next weekend off to Budapest. After that I am taking a little break, probably travel around Czech some days, and then head off to Italy with my roommate Hannah and friends Kevin and Angela for about a week! It's so crazy. April is going by very fast for me, and before I know it, it will be May. I am excited to be heading home though, but until then, I think I have a little more traveling to attend to...

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