Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Better Late than Never...

Well, I finally have put up the pictures. Thank you all for waiting so patiently. I figured I had to put them up now, because soon I am leaving for Vienna, and then I will be on trip behind on pictures! Cannot have that now can we?
Greg finally made it to Europe! He does not look very excited to be on a plane though, after riding them for like 20 hours to get here and having a but load of delays! Poor guy!

We made it to Barcelona! This is the Arc de Triomph. The first thing we saw in Barcelona!
This is a house Gaudi made. It is made to look like a dragon!
At La Sagrada Familia! Our hostel was literally a block away from the magnificent church so we got to see it everyday! This is probably my favorite things about Barcelona, besides the beach!
At the Park Gaudi created. He helped make everything and it is all so beautiful. This is a marketplace he made. I love the ceiling!
Greg apparently likes vaulted ceilings... almost as much as Gaudi!
In front of a very famous sculpture created by Gaudi. Oh, and Barcelona is also called the city of Gaudi, can you guess why?!
This is the old palace which is now a museum. Greg said he liked this building the most. It was so extravagant and amazing. I wish they had buildings like this in America.
BUNGEE JUMPING! Off a sketchy bridge in the middle of no where.
Needless to say, I was freaking out.
THE SEA! Greg finally got to go to the Mediterranean Sea. I have already been there.
Back in Prague. By an old watch tower
Greg inside of his first castle! YAY
This is Greg's first cathedral he had ever been in at Prague Castle. He picked a good first one I think!
One Charles Bridge. The opera house is behind us!
We stumbled across the first castle of Prague and didn't realize it until after we left. The church and graveyard were so cool! The graveyard was so tiny, but had so many people packed in there. It was really amazing.
On top of Prague! This is the location of the first castle of Prague as well.
At the Easter celebration! The other huge Prague cathedral is behind us.
In front of Prague Castle at night
Sadly, Greg is gone this day. The day after he left the huge Easter Festival started up with little tiny shops all in Old Town Square. I am sad he barely missed it!

What?! I have less than 2 months left?

So two days ago, my friend and I decided we are going to Vienna for this weekend, so we are! We are taking a five hour bus and to get there and back costs me about $35. Gotta love Europe!
I have no idea where we are staying, or what we are doing, so it's basically an adventure right when we get there. We are going to go see Panda Bears! So that's really awesome. I have loved Panda Bears ever since that movie, "The Great Panda Adventure". Oh childhood memories! Speaking of, Hannah and I listened to Disney music for 2 hours last night! I felt like such a kid again!

So, here is my awesome traveling schedule for the rest of this month!
This weekend: Vienna
Next Weekend: Krakow, Poland. This includes a trip to Auschwitz
15th-19th: Germany. I will be going to Munich and Berlin
Then either 23-25 or 30th-2nd: Budapest

Then in May I might be going to Greece, depending on if it is worth it or not. If it's way expensive then I will probably do something else. The people who want me to go with them want to take a boat for like 4 days, but it will be like $100 a person a day. I do not even like sailing. I'd rather just see Greece! So, we will see what happens I guess.
I would just like to mention that today, I got to pet a dog!!! It was so cute and it let me pet him. That will always prove for a good day. Also, since I am leaving a month early, my adviser here told me I can get the last month's fee for being in the dormitory back, which means an extra 3000KR for me, or 8000 KR totally for my month of June. That means I am bringing back around $400 that I won't really spend. This is nice for me, since I had to buy that plane ticket back to the USA. I also am already getting things ready to leave. I know it's not for 2 months, but it feels like I'm leaving very soon. Plus, with all this time traveling, I feel like the month of April will go by super quickly. I almost forgot to mention; I turn 20 on the 12th. I can't believe it's almost my birthday. I haven't even really thought about it. Wow... I feel old now. Still not old enough to drink legally in the United States though, even after drinking legally for 4 months in Europe. How unfair life can be...

Monday, March 29, 2010

My New 'Do

I realize I am starting to get really lazy with this, and I apologize.
I also can't believe it's been over a week that Greg has been gone, as guess that's good, because time is going quickly.
I spoke too soon on Friday, now it has been rainy and cloudy. We ended up not going to the castle because of said rain on Saturday, so I will have to go another time, hopefully. Saturday was fairly uneventful since we did not go to Karlstejn. That night though we did go out to a club, which was kind of intense. One of my friends was being hit on by this guy who doesn't speak English. He starting asking for a lighter and then he put his arm around her and kissed her head. At first I thought she was trying to flirt with him, but then she was having none of it, so I asked her what her shirt said and she stepped away from him and showed it to me and then I gave her a hug and didn't let go until he went away. He tried to put his arm around her again though while I was in mid-hug, luckily Ida stepped in on the other side and boxed him out. Later that night we saw him creeping on other girls. Oh creepy Czech Guys...
Sunday I said I would put up the pictures, but I just could not be bothered.
Ida asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. She also promised she would carry me home that night... I guess European Birthdays are celebrated a lot like American Birthdays, that's good to know. It's also good to know I will be taken care of by someone I trust.
Speaking of trust. I put my life in a random foreign man's hands today. I got my hair cut. When I say cut, I mean chopped, like above the shoulder chopped. All my long hair is gone, but hopefully it will be grown back by the time I get back to America. I made Ida come with, so that I would have someone with me, just in case. His name was Cameron, he is from Prague, and he has been cutting hair 6 years. That's all he could really tell me in English. I do like my hair cut though. It's very different. It looks rather punk-ish, but that's sort of what I was going for. It's weird when I run my fingers through it and it is all gone! I do not know if I will keep it short or grow it out again, but I do like it right now!
I also have my last stats class today. Then I have to take my final. After that only 2 more finals to go! (If you can really call them finals).
That's all I have for now! I will try to better about blogging!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally a Beautiful Day

So beautiful in fact, I wore shorts! That's right!
Yesterday I went for a walk around my place and I realized how right Greg was when he said I lived in the ghetto of Prague. I really, really do. I would NOT want to wonder around here at night time! Luckily, my dorm is right by the metro station though, so no worries.
I also love being able to have the windows open. I enjoy listening to the passing cars and the birds singing. I just love spring and summer in general. I do not get people's draw to snow and winter. Winter is cold, harsh, and awful. I am such a spring time girl. I love going for walks in shorts. Prague is a good place to walk around too, so much to see and hear.
When I get back to Manhattan, I have a feeling I am going to want to walk around a lot, so Greg, I hope you are up for it!
I think I am also finalizing my plans out for the summer. I live there and take Natural Disaster during the summer and find a job, hopefully at the country club. Then on the weekends go home and work at Lake Quivera. I have not finalized said plan, but I am pretty sure I am taking Natural Disasters. It seems way to easy to pass up. Plus, it goes towards my degree, so it seems like a win.
Speaking of, I am enrolling for this summer and next fall's classes on Monday.
Today we are going indoor rock climbing, and then tomorrow taking a trip to the Karlstejn Castle, around 30 minutes outside of Prague. I am excited to go see it, I heard it is BEAUTIFUL!!!
I just realized I never put up pictures from Spain. I am so lazy when it comes to that sometimes. Hopefully I will do it by Sunday, if not by then... I am probably a lost cause. Here's hoping for Sunday!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Boring Week

I feel like I think about so much I have to blog about, and then when I sit down to do it, I cannot think of anything.
I do have some advice for future students coming here though:
Take the Czech Language Course! It will help you out so much and make you at least semi-know what's going on around you in Prague. You will learn important things from it that you would not have known, had you not taken it, like numbers, days of the week, etc.

Now that Greg is gone, things are rather boring. I had to buy my new plane ticket, which will turn out to cost me about $300, but I am coming home over a month early, so that's only a $10 a day difference, which I should make up quickly! My plan for this summer seems to be coming along smoothly. My bosses at Lake Quivera told me I can work there again, so that's stop one of the process, and I also have a cheap place to live! Step two done! There are about 3-5 more steps, but some of them can not be accomplished until I get back, so they are still on the list.
I did laundry for the first time and for 3 loads it only cost me $1.00!!! So awesome! My goal is to not have to do laundry again until I get home, but I will probably have to wash my jeans. I brought so many shirts though I wore all of them only once and only had to do my laundry once every 2 months! It's hard doing laundry here too, because they have no dryers in the Czech Republic because they are seen as a luxury item. I am telling you, it's a 3rd world country! Just kidding!
This next month I hope to be traveling a lot! After I got all my expensive destinations out of the way, I plan on going to Serbia, Hungry, Poland, and Germany! The month before I leave I hope to go to Greece or Italy. I would like Greece more, but beggars cannot be choosers.
Sorry the last post was so long! I had no idea how much I wrote until I published it! Whoops!
Oh and I am sad I missed March Madness, especially the KU upset game. It's not fair! I wish they showed it here!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Whirlwind Week

Well, it's been a week since I have written anything, so I guess I have some catching up to do.
Greg finally got here on Sunday and took a little nap, since he hadn't slept since Friday night in America. Before he got here, daylight savings time happened in America, so I did not know if he would be getting here an hour later or what, but apparently daylight savings time does not happen until next Sunday in Europe. It's very odd. Anyway, after he was in Prague for about 5 hours, we left for Barcelona. That night we had to sleep in the Frankfurt airport. That poor kid. He was in airports for about 3 days straight. Anyway, we finally got to Barcelona (Monday) and found a really excellent place to change money, plus the Arc de Triomph. No commission AND they gave us 1 euro for 1.5 dollars. Can't complain with that. After getting food, we went and saw the Gaudi house that looks like a dragon. Luckily, I have been to Barcelona, and it really did help a lot. We found things pretty well, and my Spanish skills helped us out a ton. Greg said if I couldn't speak Spanish, then things that would take me 5 minutes to get accomplished would take him about an hour, combined with a lot of pointing. We also saw the Sagrada Familia! I love that building. So beautiful. It was only one block away from our hostel too! We would walk out in the morning and just be in awe of it's magnificence.
After that we went back into town and saw the Park Guell, which is basically a huge park Gaudi built. his home is there and so are many other splendid buildings he helped build. We also went to the Olympic Park and eventually found our way to the National Museum. We then rode around on a bus and got slightly lost, but eventually got to our hostel and we went to bed around 7pm and woke up at 8am.
That morning (Tuesday)... we went BUNGEE JUMPING!!! So much fun! It was so scary and super sketchy. We went out to some bridge about 30 minutes outside of Barcelona and did it from there. Jumping off of a bridge was so scary, but I recommend everyone should do it once in their life. It's such a rush. Seeing the trees get closer to you and hoping your cord will catch you, there is not another experience like it.
Once back in Barcelona, we made our way to Las Ramblas and spent most of our day there. We saw the first Cathedral of Gaudi, which isn't finished, and found a cool marketplace. They had so much good looking food there, but I restrained myself and didn't buy anything! Then we made our way to the beach and Greg got to stand in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time. We also enjoyed some coconut while was the sea roll in and a man make a huge sand castle. The night we found a little restaurant off the beach and enjoyed some Paella, a traditional dish from Spain which has rice, corn, and seafood, had some awesome cheese soup, and good white wine. They also gave us desert!!! My favorite!
The morning (Wendesday) was an early one, because we had to catch a bus at 6:15am. Or so the lady told us, but the bus wasn't until 7:00am. Which was bad because we had to get to the airport in time for our flight at 8:25. The bus ride was an hour long, and luckily we had our boarding passes, and security only took 10 minutes. You have got to love lax airport security, especially because it got us to our gate with plenty of time to spare. We then arrived in the Frankfurt airport, which we found out was actually 85km outside of Frankfurt. Apparently the airline we rode with, as Greg calls it "Sketchoair" built their own airport and charged people the ride into the city. So we opted for staying in the airport and just hung out for 6+ hours. Luckily they went by fairly quickly. That night we got back into Prague at 9:30pm and went out to party for St. Patrick's Day.
On Thursday we went out and saw Prague. A lot of it I haven't seen yet, mainly because it has been too cold and I would rather not go out and be freezing to death, but luckily it was super warm here while Greg was in town! We first went to change his money, and then walked around Old Town. After we headed to Wenceslas Square and saw the National Museum and National Opera House. It was cool because Amazing Race was filmed there, so we were like, "Hey! We say that on TV!" Then we went to the castle, where Greg saw his first castle and cathedral! I had not been up there yet, so the view from the top of the castle was AMAZING! You could see everything. It was really beautiful. I got a good handle on where I am in town now too, because I saw basically where everything is. We then strolled across the Charles Bridge and saw all the little trinkets people were selling and what not. From there we went to the Dancing House, then back to the dorm for dinner. Greg was so excited about the exchange rate here. It was so much cheaper than the one in Barcelona!
The next day (Friday) we went to the TV tower, which is very interesting... and there are huge babies on it. You have to see it to understand what I mean. After I tried to take him to a really neat church, but we got lost and somehow ended up at the first castle that was built in Prague, which I didn't even know existed! So that was pretty cool to find! The cemetery there was so small, but there were so many people crammed in it! We then headed to the Jewish Quarter and saw the Spanish Synagogoue, which was also in the Amazing Race. The last thing we saw was the Lennon wall, which is where the original COEXIST sign was created. You know, the one with all the crazy symbols that signify all of the religions. Anyway, it is a wall that has graffiti with things Lennon believed and his picture.
Then we went and had dinner at a place called "The Two Cats", Greg was sold just by the name. We have a delicious dinner, and for the both of us it was around $19, and it was a very classy restaurant too.
Sadly, this morning I had to say good-bye to Greg as he headed back to Kansas. I wished him better luck on his traveling and had to leave him at the customs line. Six days was not long enough, but it was very nice to have him here and travel around with him. He had never been to Europe before, so it was cool seeing his eyes light up when he saw his first castle, or a huge cathedral. It was also nice having a friendly face around. Thanks again Connie for making that happen!
Anyway today I am probably sitting in my room and recuperating. I have about a month and a half of laundry to do, so that should be fun! Hopefully I will be able to post pictures today or tomorrow!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


And that is all that matters right now!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

When it rains...

... it freaking pours!
So Greg's plane was delayed to Kansas City for technical reasons, making him miss his flight in Milwaukee. There, the airport payed for everything he would need. His hotel, food, taxi service, so that was good.
Today I found out that he got on the last possible seat to Prague. He will get here tomorrow morning, 7:30am my time. If he does not catch that plane, the next available flight is Tuesday, meaning no bungee jumping and no Barcelona. So please let him get here tomorrow!!!
Besides that, I have now found out it will not be free to exchange my plane tickets. It will cost $642, which is ridiculous, because since I already bought it, other planes traveling to the same place will only cost me $703. What the heck!?! I am sick of airports and airlines. I hope I can get home now. This will cost me a pretty penny.
What I am going to try to do is cancel my flight altogether, get my $400+ refund back, and then buy the one for $703, so that I will only spend $200+, as opposed to $642. So please everyone just wish me luck and be buy my side... because I will need it. I am so done with airports after this. Hopefully I can still travel when all is said and done. I might have to cancel one of the trips though, do to airport stupidity and lack of money. Too bad I cannot get a job here.
I need to make so much money this summer, it is not even funny!
Ok, well hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Stupid Saturday the 13th. I can understand bad luck on a Friday, but Saturday?! What is the world coming to?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Less than 24 Hours

That's how long I have to wait to see Greg. It's too long if you ask me.
Today I have done nothing. I went nowhere. I am the ultimate form of lazy.
I did however send an e-mail to a person in the study abroad office at K-State. I have a scholarship for community service hours and I have realized that maybe I should talk more about what students will need to know when coming here. I have been here over a month, and I feel like I have learned so much. So, for all you future students out there, listen up:
1. Travel. Go everywhere, do everything. After only being here for a month and a half, I will have been to London, Barcelona, Dublin, and various places around Czech Republic, and of course, Prague. I will also have been bungee jumping. Can't do that in many places in America. When else will you be able to travel to any of those places for under $400, including plane tickets, food, sights, and places to stay?
2. Get involved in everything ISC offers. ISC is the international student club here at Czech Technical University. They get you cheap subway passes (only 750 korunas for 3 months, so around $33 dollars for subway/bus/tram travel in Prague). They also will pair you with a buddy, who will hopefully pick you up from the airport and show you around Prague. They throw country presentations every Wednesday, and provide many cheap drink specials and free entry into those parties. The parties are usually at pretty cool clubs too! They also offer very cheap trips throughout the year. Go on as many as possible.
3. Get ready to wait in lines. In order to get enrolled here, you will have to bend over backwards. I am in the electrical engineering, but taking classes in many other faculties areas. One faculty does not communicate with the other either! I do not think many people will follow that, so let me explain it better. I have to take differential equations, but only the Architecture Faculty is supporting that class. You must go to the architecture office and sign up for it. Then I am taking Statistics, so I have to go to the transportation science office (halfway across town) in order to enroll in that. It is one big mess and just make sure you talk to Lucy Bilova if you have any questions at all! She is the master of answering your questions, so use her when necessary.
4. Be ready for them to drop classes at will. I was enrolled in Engineering Physics II and then the Biomedical Faculty decided they didn't want to support it, so no more Engineering Physics II for me. That being said...
5. Have back up classes in mind. I had to take class I didn't expect I was going to take while here.
6. Be open minded. Talk to people you wouldn't normally talk to, eat and drink things you wouldn't normally try. It's a lot of fun and a great experience.
7. Bring pictures from home and of loved ones you will miss. It will make you feel better to see them and bring back good memories! That being said, also bring a camera, so that you can document new memories you are going to have!
8. This is probably the most important: HAVE CLASSES ONLY 3 DAYS A WEEK AT MOST!!! I have classes late Monday and early Wednesday, so I can leave once they are over, and head back before it starts. This means lots of mini-vacations and a lot more time to travel. If you do have to miss class though for travel reasons, the teachers will not care. They will smile and say, "Have fun!"

That's all I've got for now. If I think of anything else I will make sure to let you know!
Now, I'm going to watch the clock until Greg gets here!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So from 500+ contestants, these were the top photos taken in Ireland!!

This is me just arriving in Ireland! By the river and in downtown Ireland
At Kilmainham Jail. It is pretty famous and many movies are apparently filmed here. This was the only jail in Dublin during the time of the potato famine and apparently they were supposed to have only one person per jail cell, but people figured it was better to be in jail and get one meal than one the streets and starve, so they have 5-10 people in one cell instead.

Off the coast by the Ireland Sea!
The castle at Malahide! It's in the countryside of Ireland, which is so beautiful
At Trinity College
My new Giraffe friends. I love the little baby one!!
At the top of the Globe Bar at the Guinness factory. This is the highest place in Dublin tourists can go. If you can see it, the sun is setting on Dublin behind us.

At the Jameson Distillery. We are sitting on the first barrel Jameson was EVER distilled in!!
At St. Patrick's Cathedral! I love old church's so much. I must see everyone I can!
Outside of St Patrick's Cathedral, the Gardens area. What a huge awesome place! I do not know what St. Patrick did, but his church makes it seem like he did some pretty awesome stuff
The famous gates of the Guinness brewery
DUBLIN CASTLE!! The tower behind us is the only part of the original castle left at a powder explosion happened in another tower. There used to be 4!
The church inside of Dublin Castle
The Throne room in Dublin Castle. I like the huge crown mirror. It ties the whole royal theme together! The throne was sat on by Queen Victoria herself!!
Representing the O'Hara name! You know!
Sight-seeing with the Guinness Spokesman
I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Not much is really going on right now in Prague. I might go out tonight and see what is happening on the town. It's still pretty cold here. My future roommate, Chelsea, has a sunburn from being outside in Kansas and I am stuck in the snow here... it's a little disheartening. I went to the store again. I can never go back to the store again until I actually need to. It's getting a little bit ridiculous. I am currently planning all the places I am going to go once Greg gets here. I haven't seen many of the places in Prague and him being here is a good excuse to go! I like to think I was waiting for him to get here to go see them. I do not like the idea of paying twice to get into a place I have already seen, so I am glad I waited to see them!
It's weird, because even though I do not live here, it really does happen. You are in such a beautiful place with so many amazing places to go, and you never get around to it. Most days I sit inside and do nothing, and I could be going to see these places. It's weird how it works out like that.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Back in the CZR!!!

That's Czech Republic for you non-cool people that aren't in the know...
I feel like once I am back here I do not have any cool stories to tell. Shucks... well I will try my hardest.
Yesterday we got back and I literally did nothing. All this traveling these past two weeks have really tuckered me out. So I washed my jeans and then watched all the TV shows I would ever need to watch. Oh, and the night before my friend Quinn and I kept to our word and stayed up the ENTIRE night. On the plane ride home, I slept from take off to touch down. Then, I got back to my dorm and slept for 3 hours straight, got up for 2 hours, and then slept another 12. I love sleeping!
Also, something arrived while I was gone. Snow. I hate snow. It snowed today too. WTF?! I am so done with snow. On a brighter note I had 2 letters from my grandma waiting for me on my desk when I returned. Apparently, the front desk had put them in the H slot for HARA and thought the O was a middle name or something. Good thing I have friends with the last name of H.
I also got a package from her, which was filled with my favorite treats from home. Gotta love packages! Speaking of... I also recently received a package from Frank filled with Pringles, candy!, and a huge stuffed animal that I can cuddle with! I love my doggie stuffed animal! He's a good cuddle buddy.
I went to class today, and then bought some groceries! I love buying groceries here! They are so cheap and you buy so much! I bought milk, 2 things of apple juice, two things of turkey, cheese, bread, cookies, apples, and more, but it only cost me $15! Can't complain with that.
Called Travelocity today as well, and found out changing my ticket date home will cost me nothing!!! I am so excited! I think I am heading home in May! I hope I will get my finals done! I will just tell them, I need to do it. I am leaving the country. If you don't give me my final, I will have to just get your signature, which is apparently what most kids do... so if it comes to that I will!
Nothing else going on really. Just counting the days until Greg arrives. I was going to put pictures up today, but I have to search through 500 of them, so it might take a while... I am feeling rather lazy! Hopefully you will get to see them tomorrow! Until then... CIAO!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last Day in Town

Technically we will be here tomorrow, but we are leaving at 6am, so today was the last day we actually will get to do anything.
And we did a lot. First we went to St. Patrick's Cathedral for Fake Patty's Day! There was a magnificent orchestra playing with a chior. They were practicing for a concert tonight. It was awesome looking around the church with them singing. Jonathan Swift is buried there, since he once ran the church. Then we went to Viking World, about how the Irish we settled by Vikings. Next over to Christ Church Cathedral, which wasn't as big as St. Patrick's, but still pretty awesome. I could never imagine going to a church like that because I would never listen to the sermon. Just look at all the beautiful things surrounding me.
Once done oogling, we went to Guinness again and headed up to the Globe Bar once more. We drank another free pint and looked out at Dublin.
We ate lunch in the City Hall and then went to the Dublin Castle, right next to it. It's not as huge as it once was, since most of it was blown up during a gunpowder incident in the ammunition tower. It was still amazing though and still used for balls and the Presidential Opening.
Now we have to wait until 6am tomorrow, so we are finishing a bottle of Jameson then heading out to the bars. We will stay out until 4am and just hang out with people. Around 4am we will head to the airport and then be on our way home!
All in all, for anyone coming to Dublin, I would recommend seeing the Guinness and Jameson attractions. Then St. Patrock's Cathedral, Dublin's zoo, and the castle. If you have to skip anything I did I would say the City Hall tour for sure and the Jail tour. Unless you don't walk there like we did. It's about 3 miles away from our hostel. I nearly died from exhaustion.
In other news... Greg will be here in a week! Actually les than a week now since it's past since in Prague. How exciting! I hope this week goes by super fast!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice in Wonderland!!!!

I did so much today, but all I can think about now is Alice in Wonderland. What and excellent, excellent movie with such awesome actors. I am so glad I was in an English speaking country when the movie cam eout to see it. I could not even imagine seeing it in Prague with english subtitles. I would be so depressed. The movie would literally be ruined.
I love Johnny Depp. Plain and simple. He is the best actor of this decade and can transform any crazy role into pure joy for the watcher. I wish I would've known he was in London the same day I was. I would've found and met that man, but... I digress.
Before seeing this wonderful movie, I went to the zoo! They had so many baby animals! They were adorable. Baby tigers, baby giraffes, baby elephants, baby rhinos, baby monkeys... they were all so happy and just plain cute. We then went to the Jameson distillery. I tried to drink it the Irish way, with cranberry juice. And it was delicious. I think I found something new to order at clubs!
After we went to the City Hall and learned all about how Dublin was created. Then to the National Gallery. I now have seen all the paintings I will ever need, and never need to go to a museum. Next we wondered through Trinity College, before eating dinner, then heading to the movie!
I realize I never wrote about yesterday. We went to Malahide, out on the coast by the Irish Sea. The castle was beautiful, as was the coast. We found an awesome park too! I can never go to a park in America again because Ireland has ruined it. I will never go to a better park, and will be depressed at how awful the parks in America are. Thanks Ireland, for ruining parks forever!
After we went to the famous jail, which is now closed. The walk there took us about an hour. After, we headed to the Guinness factory and I found a beer I actually like! We had 2 pints in the Globe Bar on top of the factory. This Globe Bar is the highest point in Dublin that tourists can get to. It was amazing. I highly recommend it. You can see the country side surrounding Dublin and the "mountains" that enclose it. Afterwards we met some people from Hungary, and after we drank for a while, we wondered the streets of Dublin. The river and boats are beautiful. People say it always rains here, but it hasn't rained once. I hope our luck continues!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back in the Homeland

Today Quinn and I set out for the motherland of Ireland. So exciting. We got in and went through customs. While there the security guard asked where my parents were from. I said Iowa. He then asked, "Well then where are your grandparents from?" I smiled and said Ireland! He laughed and said welcome home. It was kind of awesome actually. It never really hits me until a few hours later though as to where I actually am.
Two days ago I was in London, yesterday I was in Prague, and today I am in Ireland. Where will I be a week after I get back to Prague? Barcelona! Oh, the places you will go.
I was talking to Greg yesterday and they said they are celebrating Fake Patty's day this weekend. That's so cute. While he celebrates Fake Patty's Day, I will be in Ireland... DRINKING!!! I think mine is better personally :P Then a week later I will pick him up from the airport in Prague! I am really getting excited!!!
Today Quinn and I wondered around the city. We found a place to stay and it is only 8 euro!! Tomorrow, we are staying at a place and it is 15 euro for the next 2 nights. We also get a free breakfast and a free ride to the airport at 5am, so that we can be at our flight, which gates closes at 6:25am! Perfect! I am only spending 38 euro for 3 free breakfasts, a place to stay, and a ride to the airport. AWESOME!!! I also spent only 55 euro, and that gets me into the Jameson distillery, the Guinness Brewhouse, Dublin castle, out to another castle in the country surrounding Dublin (which is awesome because I really want to see the country side), and into a whole bunch of other places for free! It is quite the deal!
Dublin is a very small city though. They have a bus system, but we didn't buy passes, we are just wondering around doing whatever!
Anyway we are going to a pub tonight, then off to bed so we can head into the country side tomorrow morning!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I know you have all been waiting for them... so here they are! Enjoy!
This is Nick and I in front of Big Ben!!!Riding on the Eye In front of the Thames and Parliament

Tower BridgeOutside of St Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's whole Cathedral front
In front of Buckingham Palace!!!Abbey Road with John and Dan!
So beautiful! I totally took that picture. The Eye and Parliament at night!

Also, on my main photo, I am looking at my watch wondering what time it is and Big Ben is behind me! Get it!? It's funny!
I leave for Dublin in the morning! I hope I can get awesome pictures like these while there!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Back "Home"

It's weird because my friend said after we got home today, well we are back home. And I am not home... but it was nice to recognize everything and know exactly where I am going! It's odd that I think of Prague as my "home" though... I never dreamed of being in such a cool city and saying well I'm back, time to get back to the grindstone.
Today I almost missed my flight back to Prague! YIKES! But luckily it was delayed by 30 minutes. We literally ran everywhere. We ran to catch our train, ran to catch our bus, ran to get our boarding pass, ran threw security, ran to find out that it was delayed... and then sit. It was very anticlimactic. I expected to be running after the plane after that. I had Krispy Kreme donuts at the airport! They had them and I was so flipping excited! It's always nice to get a taste of home. Like having Doritos, or eating real spaghetti sauce on pasta, and not just ketchup.
I made it to my class to and am now about to get to some serious TV watching. I realized today that after this weekend, Greg will be here in less than a week, so after Dublin, I will see Greg in 6 days. That's very nice to know! :)
I chatted with my future roommate today and she asked me a very good question. "Do people in Britain actually have bad teeth?" I do not want to say all Britain people had bad teeth, but let's just say most of the ones I met did. But then my friend Chris here doesn't have bad teeth. I would say 90% of the people I saw in London did, but I didn't see everyone!
It seems very surreal that I am already going to Dublin after just getting back... tomorrow will be a day filled with relaxation and then I need to get ready for my big trip!
Luckily I will have almost a week to relax until Greg gets here. I will probably be doing a lot of sleeping. Speaking of I should probably do that. I hope I can put up my pictures from London tomorrow, so that I can do it before I leave for Dublin. So you might, maybe, perhaps, get a chance to see them tomorrow, but do not hold me to it!