Friday, March 12, 2010

Less than 24 Hours

That's how long I have to wait to see Greg. It's too long if you ask me.
Today I have done nothing. I went nowhere. I am the ultimate form of lazy.
I did however send an e-mail to a person in the study abroad office at K-State. I have a scholarship for community service hours and I have realized that maybe I should talk more about what students will need to know when coming here. I have been here over a month, and I feel like I have learned so much. So, for all you future students out there, listen up:
1. Travel. Go everywhere, do everything. After only being here for a month and a half, I will have been to London, Barcelona, Dublin, and various places around Czech Republic, and of course, Prague. I will also have been bungee jumping. Can't do that in many places in America. When else will you be able to travel to any of those places for under $400, including plane tickets, food, sights, and places to stay?
2. Get involved in everything ISC offers. ISC is the international student club here at Czech Technical University. They get you cheap subway passes (only 750 korunas for 3 months, so around $33 dollars for subway/bus/tram travel in Prague). They also will pair you with a buddy, who will hopefully pick you up from the airport and show you around Prague. They throw country presentations every Wednesday, and provide many cheap drink specials and free entry into those parties. The parties are usually at pretty cool clubs too! They also offer very cheap trips throughout the year. Go on as many as possible.
3. Get ready to wait in lines. In order to get enrolled here, you will have to bend over backwards. I am in the electrical engineering, but taking classes in many other faculties areas. One faculty does not communicate with the other either! I do not think many people will follow that, so let me explain it better. I have to take differential equations, but only the Architecture Faculty is supporting that class. You must go to the architecture office and sign up for it. Then I am taking Statistics, so I have to go to the transportation science office (halfway across town) in order to enroll in that. It is one big mess and just make sure you talk to Lucy Bilova if you have any questions at all! She is the master of answering your questions, so use her when necessary.
4. Be ready for them to drop classes at will. I was enrolled in Engineering Physics II and then the Biomedical Faculty decided they didn't want to support it, so no more Engineering Physics II for me. That being said...
5. Have back up classes in mind. I had to take class I didn't expect I was going to take while here.
6. Be open minded. Talk to people you wouldn't normally talk to, eat and drink things you wouldn't normally try. It's a lot of fun and a great experience.
7. Bring pictures from home and of loved ones you will miss. It will make you feel better to see them and bring back good memories! That being said, also bring a camera, so that you can document new memories you are going to have!
8. This is probably the most important: HAVE CLASSES ONLY 3 DAYS A WEEK AT MOST!!! I have classes late Monday and early Wednesday, so I can leave once they are over, and head back before it starts. This means lots of mini-vacations and a lot more time to travel. If you do have to miss class though for travel reasons, the teachers will not care. They will smile and say, "Have fun!"

That's all I've got for now. If I think of anything else I will make sure to let you know!
Now, I'm going to watch the clock until Greg gets here!

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