Saturday, March 13, 2010

When it rains...

... it freaking pours!
So Greg's plane was delayed to Kansas City for technical reasons, making him miss his flight in Milwaukee. There, the airport payed for everything he would need. His hotel, food, taxi service, so that was good.
Today I found out that he got on the last possible seat to Prague. He will get here tomorrow morning, 7:30am my time. If he does not catch that plane, the next available flight is Tuesday, meaning no bungee jumping and no Barcelona. So please let him get here tomorrow!!!
Besides that, I have now found out it will not be free to exchange my plane tickets. It will cost $642, which is ridiculous, because since I already bought it, other planes traveling to the same place will only cost me $703. What the heck!?! I am sick of airports and airlines. I hope I can get home now. This will cost me a pretty penny.
What I am going to try to do is cancel my flight altogether, get my $400+ refund back, and then buy the one for $703, so that I will only spend $200+, as opposed to $642. So please everyone just wish me luck and be buy my side... because I will need it. I am so done with airports after this. Hopefully I can still travel when all is said and done. I might have to cancel one of the trips though, do to airport stupidity and lack of money. Too bad I cannot get a job here.
I need to make so much money this summer, it is not even funny!
Ok, well hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Stupid Saturday the 13th. I can understand bad luck on a Friday, but Saturday?! What is the world coming to?

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