Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally a Beautiful Day

So beautiful in fact, I wore shorts! That's right!
Yesterday I went for a walk around my place and I realized how right Greg was when he said I lived in the ghetto of Prague. I really, really do. I would NOT want to wonder around here at night time! Luckily, my dorm is right by the metro station though, so no worries.
I also love being able to have the windows open. I enjoy listening to the passing cars and the birds singing. I just love spring and summer in general. I do not get people's draw to snow and winter. Winter is cold, harsh, and awful. I am such a spring time girl. I love going for walks in shorts. Prague is a good place to walk around too, so much to see and hear.
When I get back to Manhattan, I have a feeling I am going to want to walk around a lot, so Greg, I hope you are up for it!
I think I am also finalizing my plans out for the summer. I live there and take Natural Disaster during the summer and find a job, hopefully at the country club. Then on the weekends go home and work at Lake Quivera. I have not finalized said plan, but I am pretty sure I am taking Natural Disasters. It seems way to easy to pass up. Plus, it goes towards my degree, so it seems like a win.
Speaking of, I am enrolling for this summer and next fall's classes on Monday.
Today we are going indoor rock climbing, and then tomorrow taking a trip to the Karlstejn Castle, around 30 minutes outside of Prague. I am excited to go see it, I heard it is BEAUTIFUL!!!
I just realized I never put up pictures from Spain. I am so lazy when it comes to that sometimes. Hopefully I will do it by Sunday, if not by then... I am probably a lost cause. Here's hoping for Sunday!

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