Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last Day in Town

Technically we will be here tomorrow, but we are leaving at 6am, so today was the last day we actually will get to do anything.
And we did a lot. First we went to St. Patrick's Cathedral for Fake Patty's Day! There was a magnificent orchestra playing with a chior. They were practicing for a concert tonight. It was awesome looking around the church with them singing. Jonathan Swift is buried there, since he once ran the church. Then we went to Viking World, about how the Irish we settled by Vikings. Next over to Christ Church Cathedral, which wasn't as big as St. Patrick's, but still pretty awesome. I could never imagine going to a church like that because I would never listen to the sermon. Just look at all the beautiful things surrounding me.
Once done oogling, we went to Guinness again and headed up to the Globe Bar once more. We drank another free pint and looked out at Dublin.
We ate lunch in the City Hall and then went to the Dublin Castle, right next to it. It's not as huge as it once was, since most of it was blown up during a gunpowder incident in the ammunition tower. It was still amazing though and still used for balls and the Presidential Opening.
Now we have to wait until 6am tomorrow, so we are finishing a bottle of Jameson then heading out to the bars. We will stay out until 4am and just hang out with people. Around 4am we will head to the airport and then be on our way home!
All in all, for anyone coming to Dublin, I would recommend seeing the Guinness and Jameson attractions. Then St. Patrock's Cathedral, Dublin's zoo, and the castle. If you have to skip anything I did I would say the City Hall tour for sure and the Jail tour. Unless you don't walk there like we did. It's about 3 miles away from our hostel. I nearly died from exhaustion.
In other news... Greg will be here in a week! Actually les than a week now since it's past since in Prague. How exciting! I hope this week goes by super fast!

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