Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What?! I have less than 2 months left?

So two days ago, my friend and I decided we are going to Vienna for this weekend, so we are! We are taking a five hour bus and to get there and back costs me about $35. Gotta love Europe!
I have no idea where we are staying, or what we are doing, so it's basically an adventure right when we get there. We are going to go see Panda Bears! So that's really awesome. I have loved Panda Bears ever since that movie, "The Great Panda Adventure". Oh childhood memories! Speaking of, Hannah and I listened to Disney music for 2 hours last night! I felt like such a kid again!

So, here is my awesome traveling schedule for the rest of this month!
This weekend: Vienna
Next Weekend: Krakow, Poland. This includes a trip to Auschwitz
15th-19th: Germany. I will be going to Munich and Berlin
Then either 23-25 or 30th-2nd: Budapest

Then in May I might be going to Greece, depending on if it is worth it or not. If it's way expensive then I will probably do something else. The people who want me to go with them want to take a boat for like 4 days, but it will be like $100 a person a day. I do not even like sailing. I'd rather just see Greece! So, we will see what happens I guess.
I would just like to mention that today, I got to pet a dog!!! It was so cute and it let me pet him. That will always prove for a good day. Also, since I am leaving a month early, my adviser here told me I can get the last month's fee for being in the dormitory back, which means an extra 3000KR for me, or 8000 KR totally for my month of June. That means I am bringing back around $400 that I won't really spend. This is nice for me, since I had to buy that plane ticket back to the USA. I also am already getting things ready to leave. I know it's not for 2 months, but it feels like I'm leaving very soon. Plus, with all this time traveling, I feel like the month of April will go by super quickly. I almost forgot to mention; I turn 20 on the 12th. I can't believe it's almost my birthday. I haven't even really thought about it. Wow... I feel old now. Still not old enough to drink legally in the United States though, even after drinking legally for 4 months in Europe. How unfair life can be...

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