Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Boring Week

I feel like I think about so much I have to blog about, and then when I sit down to do it, I cannot think of anything.
I do have some advice for future students coming here though:
Take the Czech Language Course! It will help you out so much and make you at least semi-know what's going on around you in Prague. You will learn important things from it that you would not have known, had you not taken it, like numbers, days of the week, etc.

Now that Greg is gone, things are rather boring. I had to buy my new plane ticket, which will turn out to cost me about $300, but I am coming home over a month early, so that's only a $10 a day difference, which I should make up quickly! My plan for this summer seems to be coming along smoothly. My bosses at Lake Quivera told me I can work there again, so that's stop one of the process, and I also have a cheap place to live! Step two done! There are about 3-5 more steps, but some of them can not be accomplished until I get back, so they are still on the list.
I did laundry for the first time and for 3 loads it only cost me $1.00!!! So awesome! My goal is to not have to do laundry again until I get home, but I will probably have to wash my jeans. I brought so many shirts though I wore all of them only once and only had to do my laundry once every 2 months! It's hard doing laundry here too, because they have no dryers in the Czech Republic because they are seen as a luxury item. I am telling you, it's a 3rd world country! Just kidding!
This next month I hope to be traveling a lot! After I got all my expensive destinations out of the way, I plan on going to Serbia, Hungry, Poland, and Germany! The month before I leave I hope to go to Greece or Italy. I would like Greece more, but beggars cannot be choosers.
Sorry the last post was so long! I had no idea how much I wrote until I published it! Whoops!
Oh and I am sad I missed March Madness, especially the KU upset game. It's not fair! I wish they showed it here!

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