Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So from 500+ contestants, these were the top photos taken in Ireland!!

This is me just arriving in Ireland! By the river and in downtown Ireland
At Kilmainham Jail. It is pretty famous and many movies are apparently filmed here. This was the only jail in Dublin during the time of the potato famine and apparently they were supposed to have only one person per jail cell, but people figured it was better to be in jail and get one meal than one the streets and starve, so they have 5-10 people in one cell instead.

Off the coast by the Ireland Sea!
The castle at Malahide! It's in the countryside of Ireland, which is so beautiful
At Trinity College
My new Giraffe friends. I love the little baby one!!
At the top of the Globe Bar at the Guinness factory. This is the highest place in Dublin tourists can go. If you can see it, the sun is setting on Dublin behind us.

At the Jameson Distillery. We are sitting on the first barrel Jameson was EVER distilled in!!
At St. Patrick's Cathedral! I love old church's so much. I must see everyone I can!
Outside of St Patrick's Cathedral, the Gardens area. What a huge awesome place! I do not know what St. Patrick did, but his church makes it seem like he did some pretty awesome stuff
The famous gates of the Guinness brewery
DUBLIN CASTLE!! The tower behind us is the only part of the original castle left at a powder explosion happened in another tower. There used to be 4!
The church inside of Dublin Castle
The Throne room in Dublin Castle. I like the huge crown mirror. It ties the whole royal theme together! The throne was sat on by Queen Victoria herself!!
Representing the O'Hara name! You know!
Sight-seeing with the Guinness Spokesman
I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Not much is really going on right now in Prague. I might go out tonight and see what is happening on the town. It's still pretty cold here. My future roommate, Chelsea, has a sunburn from being outside in Kansas and I am stuck in the snow here... it's a little disheartening. I went to the store again. I can never go back to the store again until I actually need to. It's getting a little bit ridiculous. I am currently planning all the places I am going to go once Greg gets here. I haven't seen many of the places in Prague and him being here is a good excuse to go! I like to think I was waiting for him to get here to go see them. I do not like the idea of paying twice to get into a place I have already seen, so I am glad I waited to see them!
It's weird, because even though I do not live here, it really does happen. You are in such a beautiful place with so many amazing places to go, and you never get around to it. Most days I sit inside and do nothing, and I could be going to see these places. It's weird how it works out like that.

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