Monday, March 8, 2010

Back in the CZR!!!

That's Czech Republic for you non-cool people that aren't in the know...
I feel like once I am back here I do not have any cool stories to tell. Shucks... well I will try my hardest.
Yesterday we got back and I literally did nothing. All this traveling these past two weeks have really tuckered me out. So I washed my jeans and then watched all the TV shows I would ever need to watch. Oh, and the night before my friend Quinn and I kept to our word and stayed up the ENTIRE night. On the plane ride home, I slept from take off to touch down. Then, I got back to my dorm and slept for 3 hours straight, got up for 2 hours, and then slept another 12. I love sleeping!
Also, something arrived while I was gone. Snow. I hate snow. It snowed today too. WTF?! I am so done with snow. On a brighter note I had 2 letters from my grandma waiting for me on my desk when I returned. Apparently, the front desk had put them in the H slot for HARA and thought the O was a middle name or something. Good thing I have friends with the last name of H.
I also got a package from her, which was filled with my favorite treats from home. Gotta love packages! Speaking of... I also recently received a package from Frank filled with Pringles, candy!, and a huge stuffed animal that I can cuddle with! I love my doggie stuffed animal! He's a good cuddle buddy.
I went to class today, and then bought some groceries! I love buying groceries here! They are so cheap and you buy so much! I bought milk, 2 things of apple juice, two things of turkey, cheese, bread, cookies, apples, and more, but it only cost me $15! Can't complain with that.
Called Travelocity today as well, and found out changing my ticket date home will cost me nothing!!! I am so excited! I think I am heading home in May! I hope I will get my finals done! I will just tell them, I need to do it. I am leaving the country. If you don't give me my final, I will have to just get your signature, which is apparently what most kids do... so if it comes to that I will!
Nothing else going on really. Just counting the days until Greg arrives. I was going to put pictures up today, but I have to search through 500 of them, so it might take a while... I am feeling rather lazy! Hopefully you will get to see them tomorrow! Until then... CIAO!

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