Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Last Post

Well, seeing how this is technically my last day in Prague, this will also be my last post to go along with it. Since tomorrow I am starting my 20 hour plane ride. I hope I can sleep tonight, I am so excited to get home!
It has been awesome writing this, and I hope you enjoyed reading it, or that anyone besides my parents and boyfriend read it for that matter.
I have learned so much and will really miss everything and everyone here. Scratch that, I will not miss the Czech language, but I will miss Prague.
Today I changed all my money over, and I lost about 20 dollars because if I would have changed when I first got here, I would get $1 for 18 Krown, but now it's 21 Krown for $1, which is good for people from America coming here, but not for me since I am leaving. So I feel like I lost money, even though I probably really did not.
This is really sad that this is my last blog post. It's like the end of the Europe part of my life. If anyone who read this is ever coming to Prague, or anywhere else I went in Europe, you can e-mail me questions if you have any at
I will be happy to help anyone who wants to know all the awesome places to go in Europe, because I have seen so many! Well, I do not really know how to end this, so I guess I'll say that everyone needs to CZECH PRAGUE OUT because I am so glad I did, and just leave it at that.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Less than 48 hours...

That is right boys and girls. I leave Prague in less than 48 hours. I have not started packing at all either! Whoops
Yesterday I went to the water park which was super fun, again! And then I sat in my room, and tried to complete a goal in which I started about 2 or 3 months ago. Watch every South Park while here. I have about 13 episodes left, and less than 48 hours here to do it. I really hope I can accomplish this.
I also really need to pack though. I should probably start after writing this blog. Today I am going to change some money back to American, which is not good, because today the dollar is doing very good compared to the Czech Krown, so I may wait to do it tomorrow, but if it is worse tomorrow then that will suck. Can everyone who reads this do everything in there power to make the dollar go back down in America? That would be great! Thanks!!
Today I also might go smoke hookah at our favorite hookah bar for the last time, and eat fried cheese from here for the last time. So sad. Hopefully we can go paddle-boating today if the sun decides to come out for a little while. I am only asking for about an hour of sun today Prague! Is that so hard to fulfill?!
As my time here runs down, I am starting to get really happy and sad to leave. When I am on the plane ride home I will be sad, but when I get to see Greg and my family at the airport I will be very happy indeed!! Well then ladies and gents, let the countdown for my final hours in Prague begin.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Usual

Well, now that school is over and I am done traveling, I really have nothing left to do in Prague. Yesterday Chris and I went rock climbing and today I am going to the water park again with Ida and Hannah and Heidi!
With only 3 days left here, the days are starting to go by extra slowly. I do need to start to back though, and I did find a vacuum so hopefully I can use it Wednesday and suck all the air out of my bags, so that more can fit in my suitcases!
Wow, my life sounds really boring right now. Compared to all the other things I have done this semester, I guess it really does seem like everything is winding down. Strange. Also, I have been searching for bubblewrap for 3 days now and I am afraid I just will not find it. Maybe I will have to wrap my clothes up in my valuables. I cannot believe they do not sell bubblewrap at stores like Tesco (the equivalent to Wal-Mart) here. It is crazy. Well, I have a day or two more to search. Hopefully some will come up! Well, that is literally all for now!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I passed all my classes here so they are will be able to transfer back to K-State! I gave my final grades to Lucy and will have my transcript sent straight to K-State, and I do not have to do anything! EXCITING
So now I am sitting in Prague with nothing to do but wait to go home! I count down the days on one hand now! CRAZY! Today I walked around Prague with Christopher, because he has lived in Prague since February and has not seen the castle, or any of Prague really, so we toured the city for a bit, and I think this might be my last time going into the city because there are SO many tourists!
Tomorrow we (Chris, Hannah, Ida, and I) are going paddle boating in the Charles River in front of the castle and to the park. On Monday we are going to the water park again, and on Tuesday I am most likely packing, and if I have money left I am going rock climbing!
This is all up in the air though, so plans may in fact change. Anyway, that is all I really have going on right now... NO WAIT! I watched Survivor, and I realize now that people who actually play the game and do things never win the game. It's always the people who just follow them and never step on toes. Russell should have won and he did not, due to lack of brains on the jury. I think I will just stop watching the finale because they always disappoint me. That really is all I have for now!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Prague, Sweet Prague

Not quite home, but close. Seven days close to be exact.
Well, after a 6 hour plane delay, we finally got to go back to Prague, and barely made the last bus home, so that we did not have to pay for a taxi. If I would have needed a taxi, I would tell the driver to send the bill to WizzAir, for even making me have to take one. Luckily, I did not have to and it all sort of worked out.
I have a final tomorrow, which I have not studied for since I left my notes in Prague, and got back home at midnight, and not a 6pm. As the great Bill O'Reilly once said, "I'LL DO IT LIVE!!!" If you have not seen that youtube video, then you probably have no idea what I am talking about and really need to look it up, especially if you need a laugh.
I am not too worried, because I have 3 chances to take the final, so hopefully at some point I will pass the class! I also have about 900 photos to go through from Italy. I guess that is what happens when you go to 5 major towns in Italy, so thanks again for sending this camera dad! I really needed it! Besides all of this, I need to start doing Laundry and packing! I am not looking forward to packing, because I am pretty sure I will not have enough room for everything, but I will try like heck to fit it all in there!
Oh, and I have so many TV shows to catch up on! Survivor and the finale, plus my other awesome shows I watch, which I will not name here because if I list them all you will think I am a cray person. Right now they are all loading and hopefully I will be able to watch them tomorrow!
Oh, today I also went into St. Peter's Basilica and saw as much of the Vatican Museum as I could. This included the Sistine Chapel (kind of a let down), the Egyptian Museum that had a 2800 year old mummy, and the rooms Raphael painted! I also saw all of the poor statues that had their penises whacked off, or had ugly leaves plastered over them, since one of the Pope's thought that they would prove lustful for people to look at them. It was pretty interesting to see though, because there was basically a 400m hallway with just statue's depenised. I am pretty sure I made that word up, but I'll go with it.
Oh, and I saw the tomb of St. Peter, the first Pope of the catholic church. All in all, in this whole trip I met a ton of interesting people, saw many AMAZING things, took way too many pictures, and created memories that will last forever. All in all I would say it is a win-win. Italy was defiantly my second or favorite country to be in, and one of the best trips I have ever been on. I really hope I get to go back one day.
OH and travel tip: If you ever go to Rome, buy the Roma Pass. It is 25 euro and gets you subway usage for 3 days, plus entrance into 2 places for free, plus you get to skip the line at the Colesseum, PLUS you get a punch of discounts. We got to go to 3 places for free, because at Palatine Hill, they were lazy and just let us walk in without scanning it, which made it an even better deal! We saved 3+ hours at the Colosseum, since we did not have to wait in line, plus another hour at Palatine Hill!
Oh, and go to the Colosseum at some point in your life, as well as Palatine Hill. You just might regret it if you don't.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Try not to be too jealous...

I was about 2 feet away from him AND he waved to me! Good times... good times. I am going back to Prague tomorrow and cannot wait to stop living out of a suitcase. Unfortunately right when I get back, I will need to pack some more! I also only have one weekend left in Prague. This is starting to be a very odd feeling about how I only have single digit days left in Europe, I do not feel like I am actually going home soon.
In other news... I SAW THE POPE TODAY!!! Ok, that is all I really have to say about today, even though so much more happened, but Hannah is bothering me because she wants to use the computer! So until I get back to Prague, remember, I SAW THE POPE!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When in Rome...

I always wanted to say that in Rome, because I always figured it would make the saying more awesome, and it does!
Since I last wrote, I was in Venice, and have now been to Pisa, and Florence, and Rome as well! This has been such a whirlwind week! I have to keep reminding myself that it is Tuesday already and I only have a day and a half here in Italy left! WEIRD!
So much has happened, I literally have no idea where to begin. I think I will just go out of order and write down whatever comes to me, but I am defiantly not going to be able to write out everything that has happened.
Here's the Cliff Notes:
I have now been here for 101 days! I cannot believe I have not been home in so long. It will good to finally be back. I really miss it.
I got to have the photoshoot I have been dreaming of since I was a kid, pushing over the Leaning Tower of Pisa! It may seem lame, but I got to do something I have always wanted and I think that is pretty awesome. I also saw Michanglo's David statue in Florence. In Venice I saw gondellas.
Now, I am in Rome and I do not really think it has clicked that I am here yet! I saw the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus and Palentine Hill and the Fountain of Tivoli and the Pantheon. It has been a crazy, crazy day. Tomorrow I am going to see the Pope!! He goes out into St Peter's Square every Wednesday and we will be there then! Therefore, we get to see him! YAY!!!! Then we are going to the Museum and seeing the Basilica, which will basically take all day.
I really cannot believe I am here though, it is crazy thinking I have actually been doing all these things, I will look back at my pictures in Prague and say, "Wow, that really wasn't a dream? Weird..." I also am in the single digits as to when I leave Europe. 9 days and counting...

Friday, May 14, 2010


Well, yesterday I arrived in Milan for my last trip while abroad! I did not think there would be that much to do there, but there WAS! I am currently in Venice, but I will tell about this city in my next post!
So we arrived in the Milan airport, which was actually about 75km out of town, since we flew with a cheap ariline. The bus ride into town took longer than the plane ride to Milan from Prague, if you can believe that! I also just thought of something... I will fly every Thursday for the next 3 weeks (starting yesterday). Weird. Hopefully I won't be too tired of it for my super duper long ride home!
Anyway, in Milan we met up with some people and put our stuff in there place, then headed to Dumoa, a church in the middle of Milan, and it was so BEAUTIFUL! We also saw huge high end stores, such as Burberry, Gucci, etc. Milan really is the center for shopping. Also, there is the exact opposite in Milan! Tons and tons of gypsies and homeless people. They were doing crazy things for money too.
Then we went to the castle in Milan, which is honestly the best one I have seen in ALL of Europe! It is the most like a castle I would expect, besides Neuschstein that is, but it doesn't count because it is in it's own are of AWESOMENESS!
Then we wondered around town and I was the closest I will probably ever be to the Last Supper. Apparently if you want to see it, you have to make a reservation 2 months in advance. I do not even think I bought my plane tickets for Italy 2 months ago... LAME!
Then we went and had GELATO! The goal is to have some in every city we go to and figure out which town has the best. I think we will suceed in our quest. Also, in Milan it had been raining for 2 weeks straight, and then luckily it stopped the day we were there, except for a 10 minute downpour, but luckily we were eating Gelato!
We also saw other amazing things, such as the first bell tower in Italy, the Da Vinci Science Museum, etc, but I am forgetting most of it! I'll have to lok through my photos again. Today we headed out to Venice very early, and apparently with the tickets we bought, we had to get it stamped before we got on the train, so we got fined 25 euros for riding the train without it being stamped, even though the guy could have just stamped it for us. It was such an awful, confusing ordeal, but I am trying to forget about it and enjoy the trip nonetheless.
Sunday we head to Florence, then Monday to Pisa for an awesome leaning Tower of Pisa photo session, then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday hang out in Rome! Cannot wait to see more beautiful things that Italy has to offer!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So tomorrow morning I leave for Italy at 4:30 my time, that's 21:30 for you central timers. My plane does not leave until 6:00, and the public transportation is not open until 5am, so I have to take a taxi with Hannah and Heidi to the airport. I think it will be relatively cheap though, since it's three of us and it's about 15 minutes away.
I am so excited to go to Italy though. I have wanted to go since 6th grade in World Studies with Mrs. Hawkins. She told us about the Colosseum and how Rome was such a great civilization, and it was then and there I made a goal to get to Rome one day. Starting next Tuesday, that goal will be achieved. I also remember researching the Roman Colosseum in 7th grade and Frank and I making a miniature one. It was so awesome!!! That was probably the best project I ever did.
The point is, I am very excited to go someplace I have wanted to go to since I was little. The only place that would beat Rome is Giza, Egypt. That is not happening though, so I guess Rome is a good alternative!
Anyway, I was talking with Hannah today about going home and I realized how different it will be. I am really nervous about going home actually. I haven't driven since Early February, and I am kind of freaking out about getting behind the wheel again. I think my head might explode when I can understand what everyone is saying too. I am so used to just zoning out everything because I cannot understand it. I think it will be a bigger culture shock coming back to America than coming here for some reason. I am not really sure why I feel this way, but it kind of makes me nervous to go home. Weird... But I am excited too! Do not get me wrong. It will just be different. Here I never text or talk on the phone anymore, so it will be weird getting back into that, if I do at all.

Another thing I learned. Skype is a wonderful, amazing piece of technology. I get to talk to my family and friends for free and see their lovely faces?! It's better than a cell phone! If you ever study abroad, get Skype, and make sure all your loved ones have it as well because it is so handy!
I do not really have much more to say, except I am starting to become very nostalgic about leaving. It is coming up really quickly, and I think I am more nostalgic about leaving Europe, than I was about leaving America. At least when I left America, I knew I would be back in less than 4 months, but with Europe, I do not know when I will ever be able to come back. I might complain a lot and say I miss home, but I really do love Prague. I enjoy walking around it all the time and just looking at everything. There is so much to see and so much to do. Whenever I am bored, I can just go out and see beautiful buildings. I'll miss doing that once back in Kansas, and I'll also miss the subway system! It's so handy, and cheap!
Well, that's about all. I had my last class ever here yesterday and am now anxiously awaiting my "final" next Friday. Hopefully I will be able to type a bit in Italy, but if not then I will write again next Thursday when I return for sure!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


This goes out to all the mom's out there, but mainly to my mommy! Miss you lots and cannot wait to see you!
Anyway, since I last wrote, I have done some interesting things, so I figured I should write about it!
On Saturday I went out and walked around Prague. I walked around for a long time actually, and hit up all the really touristy spots. There are so many annoying tourists here! I never thought I would actually think that I would take pride in Prague, and be upset with the on-goings in the city, but tourists is making me very upset. I now know what people from Prague must think when they hear me speaking English! I heard so many people talking in languages I understood and I kept thinking, "I'm either getting really good at Czech (FALSE) or it's tourism season..." Unfortunately the latter was true. I am only slightly better at Czech than I was in I first got here.
Anyway, I was walking through the streets, and really wishing I could walk 10 feet without getting elbowed by a tourist walking past. Luckily, in small town Shawnee, this does not seem to happen to me! After walking around town, I hit up the PUB with some friends to celebrate their birthdays (since two of them had birthdays within three days of each other.) The PUB is one of my favorite bars in the Czech Republic because you can tap you own beers at your table!! And order off the screen in the middle. It really is an amazing bar. I could not drink or stay out to late, because I had to get up early and head out to Karlstejn. I wrote a while back about how I wanted to go there, and I finally got the chance! I went with Kevin and Angela. We went to Karlestejn and saw the most famous castle in all of Czech Republic! It was built by the guy on the 100 koruna bill. I know you ALL know who that is, but I'll tell you anyway. It's King Karel. He also built the very famous Charles Bridge in Prague. He did a lot for this country, which is why he is on one of their bills. Anyway, after Karlstejn, we wandered around the surrounding countryside and found "Little America". It's basically a huge old rock quarry that is really cool! I will put up pictures later, but it is a really beautiful place. Anyone visiting the Czech Republic for an extended amount of time really should go see Karelstejn!
Now, I do not know if anyone knows about Manhattan, Kansas and it's sister cities, but one of the two lie in the Czech Republic. We stopped in the town on the way back from Karelstejn and I got pictures with the sign (the town is called Dobrichovice), so now, every time I drive by that sign in Manhattan, I can say, "HEY!! I HAVE BEEN THERE!! Yes, I know it's in the Czech Republic, and I am really cool. Thank you, thank you." Or something like that anyway...
Well, that's all for now! I leave for Italy on Thursday morning at a very early time, so hopefully I will blog before then, and maybe even put up photos from today. One can hope anyway!

Friday, May 7, 2010


We are pretty cool... and super clean!


Howdy folks!
So, I meant to write on Wednesday and say Happy Cinco de Mayo... didn't happen.
I meant to write on Thursday and say "Foam Party and Three Weeks!"... didn't happen.
So know here I am recapping my past 3 days to you, and all I can think about is the latest Survivor episode I just watched. So, maybe I'll start there.
SURVIVOR!! Freaking crazy man! Craziest season I have EVER watched in the past 20 seasons of watching it. Russell is going crazy and I always just do not know what is going to happen next! Let's see how many times I can say the word crazy! I do not think I know anyone as animated as I am while watching this show. I am also talking to myself, since there is no one else that watches it with me and say, "Oh my god I cannot believe this!" "What is going on?!" I am just so used to watching it with either Greg, or my mom, or my neighbors, that I have become used to asking these questions and freaking out with them about the show. Ida was sitting behind me today, and something ridiculous happened, so I stood up and said, "What the heck is going on!?" She said, "It is just a TV show Kelsey." It may be just a TV show, but I have grown up watching it with people, talking with them about it, and I know all of these old Survivors, so everything they do, it's like I am basically there with them while they do it. What I am getting at is: I miss watching this show with other people. So whether next year it is with Chelsea or Greg, all I know is I need a person watching it with me, so that we can freak out together.
Okay, enough about Survivor. Wednesday I went to a Czech Museum for class and they had Picasso's, Monet's, and Van Gogh's. Cannot take a field trip like that in Manhattan, Kansas. This was my last class for Czech Culture and after wards I turned in my paper. I do not even think she read it, because an hour later I got an e-mail saying I got an A in the class. All I have left is Differential Equations on Tuesday and I am done! I have gotten three A's this semester so far, and all I needed was a pass. It seems even while enjoying myself in Prague, I still have to try my hardest at classes. I think that's probably a good trait to have though.
Later on Wednesday was Cinco de Mayo, and I'll just skip the details. I did find out though from my Mexican friends that they do not even care about Cinco de Mayo and that they party for the Mexican revolution! I have decided that from now on, I will recognize both holidays. The more Americanized Cinco de Mayo, and the more Mexican "Mexico Revolution Day". That way, I appease both sides. I know... I am a giver.
Yesterday I went to my first ever FOAM PARTY!!! It was freaking crazy! I went with Chris, Ida, and Hannah! It was so much fun! I will post a picture actually because it was so amazing! I will probably never go to anything like it again, but I am glad I got to once in my life! This club we went to is really famous too! Macy Gray has performed there, plus Cuba Gooding Jr and Paris Hilton have partied there, sadly not when I was, but that's alright. Later this month Billy Idol is performing there! This place is literally amazing! Cannot find clubs like this in Kansas. Well that's all I got for now. It's raining... again. It's been raining for a week and it will keep raining until next Saturday. Luckily I will be in Italy!!! Well, until next time!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So I have found the source of inspiration for this blog. Taco Bell. I know many of you are rolling your eyes because you know of my obsession with the restaurant, but today I found myself on their website. I checked out a few of my favorites and then wondered if there were any in Europe at all, who knows, maybe I would take a field trip to visit it. Well, there is one in Spain, but it is on a Naval Base and only they get to eat at it. There were some in London, but they were closed down in 2006. WHAT IS WRONG WITH EUROPE?!?! They have stupid KFC and Pizza Hut but no Taco Bell. These people do not know what they are missing. Seriously, that is the first place I am going when I get back. I am so mad Chicago Airport has no Taco Bell. What is wrong with the world today.
ANYWAY... I'll stop making myself salivate. The last day in Budapest was pretty awesome! I went to this place where they had old Communism statues. It was like a Communism park of statues and most in the world are destroyed, so it was amazing seeing these. The ones of Stalin there are some of the last ones on Earth. It's weird how people destroy them after the regime is done. I feel it was smart for Hungary to keep them, but move them out of the city. I mean it's art, no matter how ugly it is, and it's their history. Yes, it sucked, but it happened. It's like the Holocaust, it was terrible, but they keep around the remains of concentration camps because to make people remember. I feel the same about these statues.
I was the only one from our group, who was all girls by the way, to go see it. Others were going to come with me, but they decided they wanted to shop, since this place was very hard to find. I almost gave up myself. I asked a couple people where this bus stop was and they all did not speak English, but tried so hard to help me. There was one awesome dude in particular that I am very thankful for. I was asking directions from this little old lady who was trying so hard to tell me, but I did not understand what she was talking about at all. Then this bus driver honked me over to his window while he was stopped at a light. He also did not know English, but pointed in a direction, which did not really help me much. So my friends and I decided to head back, and went down the street a little ways to wait at the tram stop to take us to the shopping district. Then the bus drove by us, after the light turned green, and the driver honked at me and waved his arm for me to follow. So I ran over to the bus at the next stop. He literally stopped the whole bus, got out, and showed me which bus to take and where to get off. He is my Budapest hero. I feel bad for the people on the bus though. Having to wait for a stupid American tourist. It was totally worth it though. I loved seeing all the insane statues.
They even had the one of Stalin's boots. In Budapest they had a statue of him measuring 16m in height and then pulled it down after Stalin died. It was interesting seeing these sculptures though, because I have seen many of them in history books, but this actually happened to this country. It's weird thinking about how 20 years ago many of the places I have visited were run by Communism. That's how old I am! They have only have the length of my age to get over Communism and become a free nation. From personal experience, I would say these countries have done very well. I am impressed!
Anyway, we rode the train back after that and rode in it for 7 hours!!! Crazy. The yesterday I went to the museum, because it is free on the first Monday of the month, and that was my last first Monday of the month here, so I figured I could check it out. It was the weirdest museum I have ever been it. Whoever created it had ADD. They had early civilization tools and then a room of medals the President of the Czech has acquired during his life, then a room full of different kids of rocks. On the same floor they had the different levels of the world, showing the core and stuff, and then in a room off of it things describing wind power, and sharks, and prehistoric animals. This was all in the same room. I was just so confused. The second floor was all animals, but they had like a bug collection, then animals that were stuffed, then the skeletons of the animals. This museum had no connecting thread, so I just was all over the place basically. Plus it was all in Czech, so I could not read what was going on. It was a very lost in translation moment for me.
This is like a big time museum too! It's pretty famous, and many people go there. I just do not understand the draw though. I was just so confused the whole freaking time!
Today I had a test in my Differential class and luckily it was super tough, so the teacher helped me with 3 of the 4 problems. That was nice! On the last test I got a 100%. Thanks to my handy dandy notes! Now I will probably sit around today since my life here is just so difficult. I would go outside, but it's rainy again. Stupid Prague. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


So, I am glad I missed out on May Day celebrations in Prague. Apparently boys pull you under cherry blossom trees and kiss you. I do not want some rando kissing me under a tree, thank you very much.
Anyway, today in Budapest I got sunburned soooo badly. My skin is basically on fire right now. But, that means it is beautiful here! I wish it was this weather in Prague! It's awesome short weather! I am sure it will be when I get back to Kansas, but at least I will already have some color and not be super pale. I am sure it will be hot in Italy though... anyway I am rambling.
Today we went and saw many things. Let me see if I can remember.
First, we went to the Parliament building (which was quite a walk), then to St. Stephen's Basilica! After we found our way to the National Opera Theater!
We then wanderes down a street and ended up in Hero's Square. In said square there are statues of many Hungarians who are all heros in the eyes of the nation. I wonder if the guy who made the Rubix cube is up there?
After we had lunch in the park, and I had an authentic Hungarian dish, but I am not sure of what it is called. Then we went to the SPA!! I went into a steam bath for the first time ever and it was just awful! It was about 100*C and I could not breathe wahtsoever. The place had a really cool vibe though. There was a huge pool outside, but it was a thermal pool. So you got to hang out in that. People were playing chess in the pool and it was just an awesome time. There was a sulfur pool too, which was different, but I tried it! Then when we were leaving, I walked through the bathroom and saw all these naked, old ladies. Why do old ladies not care about changing in front of people? It's very creepy. The men there wear very little bathing suits too, which is also odd. I miss boys wearing swim trunks, so you cannot see every little detail. It's awful!
Then we rode the bus for free (because apparently it's free here) to a place for dinner. Looked around at shopping places for a while, then off to a boat ride! So exciting! It was beautiful seeing all the buildings at night. Now I am waiting for everyone to get ready, because we are going out to a club for a while!
While I am waiting, I thought of two things I hate about Europe in general:
1. When you want ketchup anywhere (even McDonalds) you MUST pay extra for it.
2. When you are eating anywhere (even McDonalds) you MUST pay for the bathroom.
Basically I am sick of them charging me for things that I should have already paid for when I bought the stupid food. I cannot wait to be in America again, where everything is free and cheap. Until then I have one more day in Budapest, a week and some in Prague, a week in Italy, and six days in Prague again. I canot believe it is almost time for me to go home! Time has gone by so fast here, and it seems it will only go by faster as the month continues!
Well, I will most likely write when I am in Prague again!

Friday, April 30, 2010

In the Land of Rubix Cubes

So we arrived in Budapest today, and we had such a busy time! We got into the train station, was told to get on a bus to where our hostel was, but not to buy a ticket, because apaprently people here do not care, and then searched for about 10 minutes for our hostel, because it was hidden in the apartments around town. We are righ tin the middle of town though! Which is awesome! this place is much bigger than Prague and we are managing just fine, infaltion is also about 10 times as much here as it is in Prague. A dollar will buy you 20 Krown (Czech money) and it will buy you 203 Florinte (Hungarian money). So I traded in $20 and got back 4000 Florinte. I feel so loaded!
The hostel we are in is very interesting... I quite like it, but some people from our group do not. We get free internet and have a room all to ourselves, so I cannot complain too much! Plus it's only about 10 Euro a night, so not too bad.
Today we went to the Citadell, which is a huge hill the fortess and lookout tower are on. The climb up it was almost impossible, mainly because it's 80 degrees here and I am wearing jeans! I did not think it would be this hot here! I am so happy! I am tired of looking at pictures of me in the grey jacket!
After we walked down to the castle and saw all the beauty that was there. The Parliament building here is so beautiful, and I personally think it is better than Big Ben and his Parliament building in London. So Frank, you asked what is there to ever see in Budapest? A ton, and I love this city a lot! It's one of the best I have actually seen here in Europe. Tomorrow we are going to a spa (which Budapest is famous for) and going to see some other things as well.... I almost forgot!
The rubix cube was invented in Hungary, and I have officially done the rubix cube in the land it was invented in. I always thought it was created in America, so I never thought it was a big deal, but boy am I mistaken! Now I am among the few Americans that have rubixed it out in Hungary and sloved it! WINNER! They have a sweet magnet here with a rubix cube on it, and I am pretty sure I am going to buy that magnet, instead of one with any buildings on it. Just to commemorate my success and all. That's one thing I will not need next year for my apartment with Chelsea. Magnets. Oh, and shot glasses. We will defiantly be covered on both fronts with international commodities in the form of shot glasses and magnets.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, I guess I can post now... since I am not doing anything anyway.
I realized I hadn't told you some things that have happened since I got back form Munich, so last Wednesday I went to an art exhibit for my Czech Culture class. The exhibit featured art from the only famous Czech photographer. I think he should really be called a pornographer. Do not get me wrong, he had some pretty awesome stuff, but most of it was disgusting and AWFUL! I felt awkward just looking at it. I did like 3 prints especially, but the rest (which is around 100) were weird and odd. Let's just say he is not my cup of tea...
On to happier news: Yesterday I went to a park in Prague called Šárka (pronounced Sharka). I was there around 3 hours and this place is so beautiful. It's not like your conventional park. There are no real side walks, just worn down paths. One leads to the top of a hill, which overlooks Prague. I think I found my new favorite place in the city! I cannot wait to go back! Hopefully it will get me a little tan too before I head home!
Then today I went to a water park called AQUAPALACE!! I went with Kevin, Angela, Hannah, and Ida. It was a little bittersweet being there, because the place itself was awesome, but the last time I was at an indoor water park was with Greg and that was super fun! So it was me reminisce a little, but all in all it was an awesome time! We were there for about 4 and a half hours! The park itself was HUGE too. They had so many slides and then they had an indoor wave pool! Plus a mile long lazy river! Then some really sweet jacuzzi's. Basically, it's the coolest indoor park I have ever been to, so if you want to go, then Prague is where you need to be. If you study abroad here or anything, I recommend going to Aquapalace for sure, but make sure you go Monday, because it's so much cheaper!
Then this Friday I am heading to BUDAPEST! I'm having everything paid for, for around $140. Cannot complain too much since it's super cheap! Then, when I get back, I get 5000 Kr from the school! YAY for money! Anyway, that's all that's really been happening so far! I might report back tomorrow after my one class and let you know what will happen, since I missed the last one and we had a test in it! YIKES! Anyway have an awesome Monday! I sure did!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Munich, Germany

Alright, so I left off at riding at rain for 10 hours. We arrived in Munich and went to a friends house where we were going to sleep. Which is really lucky that we were staying with her because after the volcano incident, beds in hostels went up to about 90 euro per night. Jerks, taking advantage of people in their time of need. Anyway we got there, went to the store and made some pasta! I have realized pasta is the universal cheap thing, which is alright with me since I love it!
The next day we headed out early and, after a two hour train ride, ended up in Neuschwanstein Castle around 11am. Frank and my mom had been to Neuschwanstein before and really recommend it to me, which is fortunate because it's such an amazing place. The castle itself is not very old, it's younger than America, but it is the castle that Disney's Beauty and the Beast castle is copied after, as well as the castle in Disney World/Land. It was nestled high up in the mountains, which means it rained on us around 1pm. I was so soaked after that, so I figured we might as well walk around since we are already wet! It finally cleared up around 3pm and then we headed back down to the train station in the town of Fussen. Also, since I saw this castle, it means I have been in and seen the Alps! That day was like a two for one! We didn't get back to Munich until around 6pm and we were all still so wet so we just went back to our friends place and watched a movie and made pasta AGAIN for dinner.
Seeing this castle means we only had one day in Munich though, which is fine since we basically saw everything in that day! First we went to the Olympic Stadium, followed by a visit to the English Garten (yes it's spelled that way, and I know it's wrong). The gardens were very beautiful and in one spot we saw a river section that follows a dam, so there is a huge wave, and 4 guys would rotate and surf the wave on the river! It was really weird to see it, since they were surfing on a tiny river. Actually it was more like a creek. So take that river size in your head and shrink it down to creek size, then put a surfer on it. It was really odd.
After staring at these people for 10 minutes we went to the palace and walked through it's gardens. The place is right in down town Munich though, so it was really odd, because after the palace we went and were right by Old Town Square. The square holds New Town Hall and the giant Glockenspiel, which we luckily made just in time for the new hour. It's a huge clock, that also has the little figurines dancing around in a circle every-time an hour strikes. I think Manhattan could use one, because it was AWESOME! Then we joined some free tour group, and headed to the church where the devil left his foot print because he was so angry. It's a long story, but basically it explains how the church was built so fast and why there is a huge foot print in the middle of the entrance of the church. The devil comes to Munich one night and sees this new Church, he walks in and doesn't see any windows in the church, so he goes to the architect, says to put no more windows in the church and he would help fund the church. Then the devil sent his minions to work on it at night, which is how it is done super fast, and comes back the next day to find the inside of the church light and sunny inside, instead of a church of darkness, which he figured would be the perfect place for him to be worshiped. He goes to the architect and says, "Hey, you said you wouldn't put in anymore windows! What's with all the windows?" The architect says, "I did not put in more, you were just looking at the inside of the church from a different position." Then leads him to where he stood that night. From where he stood, he could see no windows, but saw all the light shining in. These huge columns were in the way of all the windows, which is why he didn't see them at night. He was so angry he stamped is foot and vanished back to hell, which is why there is a huge foot print there now, and from that exact spot you can see no windows.
Hope you enjoyed the story and now back to the rest of Munich. Then we went and saw where the Old Brewhaus was that Hilter tried to take Munich over in. There was also a plaque there during Nazi times commemorating the people that died there. It is now taken down, but it's creepy because you can still see where it was. An alley before the plague is called "Dodger's Alley", which you can find by a gold band running though it. During Nazi times you had to stop at the plaque and give the Nazi sign, but some people hated the Nazi's and did not want to so they "dodged" through the alley. A spy was kept by the alley though and wrote down everyone's names that walked through and how many times a week they did. If you seemed suspicious, you were taken in as a person who committed treason, and taken to Dachua. Sad times.
After that we left the tour and went and found the famous BREWHAUS, the largest beer hall in Germany, and drank one of their fine ales. Then we went to a market place, then to an awesome church, and then to the University which is famous for it's rebellion of the Nazi's. We sadly did not find the monument commemorating the students.
After we went and got ice cream with the friend we were staying with and then went back to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Every time, literally every time, they said philosopher I freaked out! It's Sorcerer, not Philosopher! What's wrong with these people?! It was very funny too, because our friend only watched it in German, and she had such a tough time understanding people with heavy English accents, like Hagrid. Then it was time to head to the bus station and drive the five hours back. Luckily I had 2 seats all to myself so I could sleep the whole way! Besides getting wonderful pictures and memories from this trip, I also got very sick! My friend Heidi was sick, and now I am sick because of her... Hopefully I will get better soon though!
So tips for traveling in Germany:
1. To travel cheaply from city to city, travel by train on the weekend using a pass called the Happy Weekender Pass, but in German of Course. You can ride on a train with up to 5 people for only 39 euro. As opposed to buying your own ticket during the week for around 75-100 euro. If you take the faster, more direct train, then prepare to pay the difference. It's a lot more expensive.
2. I recommend for both cities to buy a subway pass. You could get away with just biking around Munich though, but defiantly need one for Berlin.
3. If you are in Berlin and want to see the Reichstag, get there at of slightly before 8am, because if you get there around 9am, you will have to wait in line for about and hour and a half or so.
4. Skip the museums that cost money. There is so much to see for free, that you will be wasting money and time with them. The only thing I recommend paying to go into is the TV tower in Berlin. It's a lot cooler than any museum!
5. Do not take sick friends, unless you want to get sick too!

Well, I think that's enough for one day. Maybe tomorrow I will finally fill you in on my life in Prague again!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stupid Volcano

Luckily, it didn't affect me because I traveled by bus to and from Germany! What luck!! Many friends though are having vacation plans ruined and cannot get back to University after a vacation due to said volcano!
I hope it does not go off again. Apparently if it does, then it will be way more powerful than the last two blasts! I really want to be home at the end of May! Please Volcano Gods, do not let it go off until I get home!
Anyway, I suppose I should talk about my vacation to Germany or something. I am sort of sick right now though, so I really have little want to do this, but I suppose I should.
We arrived in Germany early Thursday, and luckily we were allowed into our hostel (at 6am) to put our stuff away and in our room there were 2 free beds. Heidi and I slept in one and Paul slept in the other. Unfortunately Heidi was sick the whole vacation, so that's how I got ill!
Anyway, once we woke up again on Thursday, we went and saw so much of Berlin! We first went and saw the bombed out church in Berlin. It reminded me of the movie 9 by Tim Burton. The church I saw seemed very similar to buildings in that movie. Anyway, after I went to find Hard Rocks Cafe because apparently it is super close. Then I saw it too was under construction like the one in Krakow!! Then I noticed a sign saying that there was one open a little was down the street. Apparently they were building a bigger one in a more central location, but seeing that closed one freaked me out! I have to get Hard Rock pins! They cannot be closed!
But I digress. After we walked through the Tier Gardens and saw the Berlin statue of victory! Then we wondered to the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. After we went to the TV tower (apparently the second highest building in Europe) and went up in it. I got a beautiful view of the city, and after we went to the revolving restaurant and had some dessert while viewing the city underneath.
We then went down to see some of the things we saw from above like the Berliner Dom and Europe's largest Aquarium, in a hotel no less! Then we saw the New Brick Town Hall and the old one. We then went and saw Alexanderplatz and the peace fountain that is there. After we headed to Charlie Checkpoint. Then to the old crappy part of the Berlin Wall, not the cool East Gallery part, which we did see the next day! Then we wondered over to Hitler's Bunker where he was supposedly killed. You wouldn't know it's his bunker unless you know where it was, and luckily I knew. It's just a patch of grass now. I found it slightly ironic that a man was flying a kite on the place where Hitler died, but that's the world for you.
I do not know if you have heard of the Sony Center, but it's freaking awesome. It's by Hitler's final bunker and it looks like an arrow is shot through it. It is an amazing feat of architectural engineering. Then we stumbled across the Holocaust memorial in Berlin. It's an amazing place with these huge stone pillars as markers to represent the Jewish people who were murdered. There was a museum underneath for free, but we went the next day since it was closed that late at night.
We then went and ate Domino's pizza, since we haven't had any since America and there are none in Prague. It was delicious!!
The next morning we woke up bright and early to get in line for Reichstag, since it's free to get in. We went up to the glass dome and got to see all of Germany around the Reichstag. It was pretty interesting there. They have a sun screen, so that the sun won't directly come into the dome and blind everyone when it bounces off the mirrors. What smart people. Then we went back to the Holocaust memorial and wandered through it for a while. Then we went to another Jewish memorial, the one with the cool design and all the strips of metal taken out. I did not go in, but Heidi wanted to, so Paul and I wandered around waiting for her. We found an awesome place to eat and a really neat church, as well as the most random park ever! Afterwards we made our way to the East Gallery of the Berlin Wall. This is wear the wall is mostly intact and people have painted many things on it. The wall itself was very beautiful and interesting. Many of the pieces were uplifting and very hopefully, which I liked after 2 Holocaust museum visits. After wandering the stretch of wall, we found our way to the Schloss Charlottenburg. It is a very beautiful palace on the outskirts of Berlin. It was rather hard to find though...
LUCKILY, we arrived about 15 minutes before they stopped selling tickets, so I asked the lady how much a student ticket was, and she said it was free and that today we were children. I will take being a child any day if I get free entrance to things! The palace itself was beautiful.
Three rooms really stand out in my mind though. The ballroom with windows from ceiling to floor, the china room (with literally china from ceiling to floor), and the grand church with an amazing figurines. After we toured the gardens and those were magnificent as well. You cannot really expect anything less from royalty though.
That concludes our trip to Berlin. The next day we rode a 10 hour day to Munich. It was about 13 euro, as opposed to the one for 200 euro that gets there in 6 hours. I think for the 4 hours delay, I can deal with saving 187 euro. Anyway I will write later about Munich, because I think this is really enough for one day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poland Photos

Well this is the beginning of our Poland adventure together! There was about 30 more students than just us, but these are my buddies on the trip! We are in the middle of the Old Time Square. The statue behind us is of a famous libertarian. The building under construction behind is the famous marketplace. Unfortunately it is closed. Our hostel is about a minute away from this place. It was an awesome hostel in an awesome location!
The is St. Mary's Church! It is also in Old Town Square. Pope John Paul used to give sermons here, but that was before he was Pope of course. He actually went to school here and lived here. He was the head pastor at a church here in Krakow for a while too!
Me in front of the Old Watch Tower in Old town square. To the right is the Old Market Place, if that gives you any reference as to where I am.
This is the famous alter of St. Mary's Church. It is the St. Mary's death and then ascension to heaven where she became queen of Heaven. It opens every day at 10 to 12, so 11:50 and we got to see it! The Nazi's took it from this church during their reign, but it was restored after the war.
Ida and I in Krakow's oldest college. The likes of Copernicus and Pope John Paul went here!
Enjoying one of Krakow's famous Pretzel's!!!
This is where Pre-Pope John Paul lived! Notice the picture of him in the window
Wawel (pronounced Vavel) Castle
Angela and I in the courtyard of the castle. The church of the is behind us. On the photo's right is where the Nazi's were headquartered in Poland during World War II
So, Krakow, is known for their dragons. The story goes that there was a dragon that lived under the castle (yes the castle is right behind us) would eat virgins of Krakow. So the King told the people that whoever could kill the dragon would win the hand of his daughter. So the shoemaker filled a sheep with sulfur and the dragon ate it. After he ate it he went to the river and drank and drank and drank until POP! He exploded! The statue breathes fire every five minutes too! His cave is right behind us, but you cannot see it in this picture.
Heidi, Ida, Angela, and I at dinner
All around Krakow are these pianos (kind of like the Kansas Cows were in KC).
At Auschwitz. It says work equals freedom, but that defiantly wasn't the case.
I think this is one of the scariest photos I took. Where the train tracks end and with Auschwitz well known entrance in the background. It's impossible to think that 1.5 million people were murdered where I stood.
After a depressing trip to Auschwitz, we went and saw the memorial to the President in front of the St. Mary's Church in Old Town Square.
So, for my birthday, we wrote down the times we finished each bottle. There are 11 total. No bueno.

Well, I figured I should put these up before I leave for Germany today! Hope you enjoy them! I am going to be gone until next Tuesday, but I'll try to keep you updated! Hopefully I can write once and a while. If not, the game plan is Thursday and Friday: Berlin. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday: Munich. Driving back to Prague on Tuesday, and will get in around 5am my time. Sadly I have class at 9am! I actually have to go too because I have a test thing in it or something. Yuck. Ah well, I guess I should do some school while here!! I do have to pass you know!

Monday, April 12, 2010


That's my motto for this birthday, but it's really the only good thing that comes out of it, besides me getting to have a party. I mean when your 21 at least you get to drink legally, but I do not even get to do that, it's just like hey you have lived two decades. Congrats!
I know most people are glad to leave teenage years, but it kind of makes me sad. It means I am even more of an adult than I ever really wanted to be. I would be happy if I could just be 10 forever, during the summer time and eating my Spaghettio's while watching Nickelodeon. Those were honestly some of the funnest times in my life. I was just so innocent and unknowing of things. I got to go outside and play without a care in the world. Being old just makes things way to complicated and hard. I think Peter Pan had the right idea.
Tonight my friends are throwing a huge party for me. We are starting to party here around 8pm and then heading to a club. I do not think I will make it to class tomorrow at 9am!
When I got back from Poland, my roommate Hannah decorated my room and put up a HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY! sign. She also made a little party hat and put it on my panda bear. It makes me happy to have people care that much about me here. I was sad I was going to have a boring birthday here, but guess not.
I also got to open up a birthday present from my Mom and Frank! It was so awesome. My dad and grandma Barb and cousin Jessica also have some coming apparently. I even have letters in the mail. I love getting mail, it makes me happy people still remember even though I am all the way over here.
I had my Stats final today as well, and I told my professor it was my birthday and he said well congratulations. Asked me if I thought I had learned a lot in the class. I said that I did and that the equation sheets really helped me and then he said, "Well, then I think we are done here." Then he gave me an Excellent as a grade (I think that's an A) and told me to have a Happy Birthday. Gotta love European teachers. I was literally there for 5 minutes.
On Wednesday night I am heading to Germany. I realized that after next weekend I will have traveled 4 weekends straight! Crazy! Next weekend off to Budapest. After that I am taking a little break, probably travel around Czech some days, and then head off to Italy with my roommate Hannah and friends Kevin and Angela for about a week! It's so crazy. April is going by very fast for me, and before I know it, it will be May. I am excited to be heading home though, but until then, I think I have a little more traveling to attend to...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where the Train Tracks End

Today, I went to Auschwitz. Needless to say it was a life-changing experience and I figured Auschwitz deserves it's own blog mention. The whole time there I just kept thinking I can't believe this happened to people. I cannot believe 1.5 million people died here. That is 60 times the amount of students at K-State. I cannot imagine my whole school getting wiped out in one go, and some days in Auschwitz, they killed that many.
I still cannot believe all the awful things I viewed. It's just so depressing people could treat other people like that. Even if Nazi's did see them as dogs, I could never do that to a dog, let alone a human. What they did is beyond my realm of comprehension.
I saw rooms filled with hair, glasses, pots and pans, kids shoes...
I saw hair still braided, even after being chopped of the persons head.
I saw nail marks in concrete in the gas chambers of Auschwitz.
I saw where the train tracks ended after dropping off innocent people for the gas chambers.
I stood where 1.5 million people where executed.
That's some heavy stuff.
I think it's weird how people now live right outside where the concentration camp is. I could see houses behind the barbed wire fences, and I'm sure they could see the camp. I do not think I would want to see that everyday. I do not understand the people who work there either. I could not recount the awfulness that happened to those people everyday. They are much stronger than me.
Besides that depressing fact to my day, I learned that the Polish president died, while we are in Poland. We were supposed to have a party tonight, but all clubs are closed due to his death. Not only is it sad I do not get to party, but the man was on the way to a memorial for Katyn in Russia 70 years after it happened. During World War II the Russians killed thousands in the woods outside Katyn and had always said they did not do it. Today the President of Russia was supposed to make an apology to the Polish President in Russia. Unfortunately more people had to die due to Katyn, which including many Parliamentary figures, the President, and some family members of the people lost in Katyn. What a sad end to a sadder story. So, as you can see, today was just an all around depressing day. I could use a hug. Poland has been fun nonetheless and I am glad I came to see what happened to these people in Auschwitz. They had to live it, the least I could do is hear about it for a few hours.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Heading out for Krakow

I am leaving for Poland in an hour, and I have nothing to do since I already packed. I hate sitting and waiting to leave for a trip. I hope writing in my blog helps quicken the time.
I am excited to go to Krakow, it seems like a pretty cool town according to what Ida, my Polish/Bulgarian friend/roommate, says. There was a lot of slashes used in order to describe one person! Anyway, I am glad she is coming with us. It will be nice to actually have a friend who speaks the language come with me so I know what the heck is going on for once in a country!!
Last night we had our USA and Russia presentations. I went and participated in both country's competitions, even though I probably wasn't supposed to be in the one for USA! I got free drinks though, so I am okay with it. For the USA one I played Louisville Chugger and the Russian one included nasty Russian vodka. The USA team also carried around a beer bong for people to use, but no one really seemed interested. Then I said, "I love these!" and did it fairly easily. People saw how awesome a beer bong was, and all started to take part. I felt pretty cool being the one to get it started!
Oh, and I almost forgot something, which I cannot believe that I actually almost forgot this!!!
I saw Barak Obama in his car today! We were walking to our dorm and the traffic going both ways was stopped! Even the trams were not moving! All of a sudden sirens came out of no where and a helicopter flew above us. The cars drove by and had the US flag on it and it was all together a crazy seen. I felt like I was in a movie. Apparently, they have been driving by our place all day, because it's a main road to the castle, which is where they are doing all the signing. We must have caught them coming back from a lunch break. It really was an amazing sight. So much fuss over one person who isn't even a residence in that country. I guess being the leader of America has it's perks. I would hate it though, you could not go anywhere or see any sights in Prague without having to make a big fuss about it.
Anyway, I guess I sort of did get to see him, so mission accomplished this week! Now off to Krakow! I do not know how happy my next post will be though, seeing as I will just be getting back from seeing Auschwitz. I am glad I am going to see the place, but not very excited. It's one of those things you must see to believe I think, so that you can never forget what happened to the people there. It's my way of showing my respect to the people who had to endure I think.
When I get back though, I am not going to be a teenager anymore as of Monday. My friend Ida made a facebook group for my birthday party called Kelsey Beats Teen Pregnancy. The name is courtesy of my future roommate Chelsea. I think it's fairly clever if I must say so myself. I am glad that I can use that name, it's much better than the other option, Kelsey did not beat teen pregnancy. Yes, I think I like option one much, much better! Well, now I really am off to Krakow!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wien Pictures

First of all, I would like to say that I am going to a water park on Thursday!!! Today I went shopping at a place called the New Yorker and all the clothes had words on them, but written in English! What the heck?! So I bought this sweater that I always wanted. You know one of those huge, baggy, 80's sweater that is a dress and you wear tights with it? I have wanted one for about a year and I finally found on... in Prague. It was only like $15!! What a cheap price for a dream come true shirt!
I am taking my final next Wednesday for stats, but I am the only one, so I am bringing my lovely Polish/Bulgarian friend Ida with me and she will sit in the classroom while I take it. This is the teacher who rubs my head and freaks me out and I am pretty sure if I went alone I would not like it, so she is being a wonderful friend and coming with me!

Now then, these are all courtesy of my friend Chris, since my camera has abandoned me:

This is when we first got to Vienna at 5:30am. This is the main church called St. Stephens Cathedral in the middle of town.

The National Opera Theater. The likes of Mozart and Beethoven played here!
Statue dedicated to Mozart behind the Palace Hofburg
The Palace Hofburg in the middle of the city.
I don't know if you can see me. I'm the girl with my arms up in front of the statue! Anyway this is the Parliament building
This is the city hall, even though it looks like a church or something. Geez I love buildings here. So magnificent.
In front of Beethoven's grave! Buried next to him is Mozart. I will probably never be this close to so many famous people again! As you can see in my hand I still have my camera. :(
BIG LION STATUE. In front of the Palace Schonbrunn. I am pretty sure this was illegal...
The palace Schonbrunn
The huge grounds of Schonbrunn behind Chris and I.
PANDA BEARS!!!! The palace had it's own zoo with it's own PANDA BEARS! Of course a palace would have a zoo, and of course that zoo would contain one of the most extinct species in the world.
Chris with his new best friend!
You probably can't tell, but I am pointing to Kansas on the map! The Ferris Wheel behind me is a very famous one from Vienna. It has old train cars at the compartments on it.
Me excited to find a theme park!
Waiting for the bus to go home. Like the short new hair cut?
We had a stop in Brno (Czech Republic's 2nd largest city) and found this huge cool church. I guess I can cross Brno off the list, since we saw the only interesting thing there!

Monday, April 5, 2010


One of the oddest things ever. Countries are named different things to different countries. I feel like if you country is a certain name, it should have that name in all countries and it shouldn't be changed. It's like my name, it doesn't change everywhere I go, it is still Kelsey. Anyway I went to Vienna this weekend, which is known as Wien to everyone not from America. It was so amazingly beautiful there. Everyone was super friendly too! People in Europe never cease to amaze me. I got to Wien, knew none of the language, but everyone there speaks English, even people who work in McDonald's, who would normally only know one language in America. It was awesome.

Anyway, Wien has about 3 palaces in the one town. Why would one town need three palaces? I have no idea. We got to Wien around 5:30am and checked out everything before dawn. The streets were empty and they were ours to rule. Then we found a nice, cheap, centrally located hostel, and slept until about 1pm. From there we went to check out the huge main square, saw an awesome church, then went to all the famous locations. Saw Parliament, City Hall, 2 identical Museums, the Palace Hofburg, and then another pretty awesome church. We also saw the Opera House where the likes of Beethoven and Mozart played. The next day we went to the palace on the outskirts of town. It was so amazing and the gardens were breathe taking, even in the beginning of Spring. We then went to the zoo on the palace grounds where they had PANDA BEARS!!!! I love me some panda bears. Also, during this day I lost my camera. I lost it on a tram in Vienna. I am super depressed, but I won't say anymore about it because my dad is sending me my old one, and there is no point on beating myself up about it. It happens, and I just can't do it again. Then I really will be SOL. Luckily, my friend had his camera and we basically had the same photos, so I cannot complain too much, at least I still have some photos. Also, we went to the huge cemetery in town, and saw Mozart's, Beethoven's, Brahm's, and all the Austrian president's graves. The final day in town we went to this little theme park in Vienna. It was funny seeing all of the rides names there and how different they were. They had some pretty awesome ones though. We then got back on the bus and rode 5 hours to Prague. We stopped over in Brno, Czech Republic's second biggest city and had an hour break, so we checked out the huge cathedral there and then got back on the bus. Now, I am anxiously awaiting my trip to Krakow. It makes the time here go by so much faster traveling so much. I think I am going to give up on seeing Obama. I can't really bother to actually. Also, while traveling I went with my friend Chris from England and I learned all of these new English words, UK style. They really are so different from Americans words. They call the hood of a car the bonnet! So weird. Anyway, I will put up pictures tomorrow hopefully. I need to put them up before I head off the Poland for this weekend!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day My Butt!!!!

So, I do not know if this is true or not, but if it is, I am freaking out.
On April 7th America is having their country presentation at a club, along with Russia. On April 8th he will be signing a treaty for the START II in Prague with the Russian President. He will be in Prague from April 5th-April 8th. Then today, we got an e-mail saying, that Obama will be coming to the club were we are having the presentation and watch them. We need to send our name so that they know who will be coming and who to put on the list, but they need it by midnight tonight. That means I will be on stage playing flip cup while the President watches. I think that is somewhat cool, but also somewhat awful. Getting drunk in front of the President... OMG!
But, it is April Fools Day, so I really do not know what to believe. If he is coming, that means we need to change our whole video and drinking games, because I do not know how cool the President will think they are. I sent my name back nonetheless, but if this is a joke, they got me very excited and riled up for nothing. I will be super pissed. I'm just so excited to see the President that if they take it away from me, I do not think I will even want to participate in the country presentation anymore.
Also, whether or not he does come to Prague, I will be searching the streets for him from April 5-8! I want to see him so bad. He seems like such a cool dude, plus I have wasted so much time talking about him, I might as well see him. How cool would it be to see the President in Prague? Pretty darn cool. One can only hope, that maybe I will be eating lunch somewhere and the President Obama eats there too! If only I was so lucky....
Anyway I am leaving for Vienna in 3 hours. And that is no joke or trick or me trying to fool you!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Better Late than Never...

Well, I finally have put up the pictures. Thank you all for waiting so patiently. I figured I had to put them up now, because soon I am leaving for Vienna, and then I will be on trip behind on pictures! Cannot have that now can we?
Greg finally made it to Europe! He does not look very excited to be on a plane though, after riding them for like 20 hours to get here and having a but load of delays! Poor guy!

We made it to Barcelona! This is the Arc de Triomph. The first thing we saw in Barcelona!
This is a house Gaudi made. It is made to look like a dragon!
At La Sagrada Familia! Our hostel was literally a block away from the magnificent church so we got to see it everyday! This is probably my favorite things about Barcelona, besides the beach!
At the Park Gaudi created. He helped make everything and it is all so beautiful. This is a marketplace he made. I love the ceiling!
Greg apparently likes vaulted ceilings... almost as much as Gaudi!
In front of a very famous sculpture created by Gaudi. Oh, and Barcelona is also called the city of Gaudi, can you guess why?!
This is the old palace which is now a museum. Greg said he liked this building the most. It was so extravagant and amazing. I wish they had buildings like this in America.
BUNGEE JUMPING! Off a sketchy bridge in the middle of no where.
Needless to say, I was freaking out.
THE SEA! Greg finally got to go to the Mediterranean Sea. I have already been there.
Back in Prague. By an old watch tower
Greg inside of his first castle! YAY
This is Greg's first cathedral he had ever been in at Prague Castle. He picked a good first one I think!
One Charles Bridge. The opera house is behind us!
We stumbled across the first castle of Prague and didn't realize it until after we left. The church and graveyard were so cool! The graveyard was so tiny, but had so many people packed in there. It was really amazing.
On top of Prague! This is the location of the first castle of Prague as well.
At the Easter celebration! The other huge Prague cathedral is behind us.
In front of Prague Castle at night
Sadly, Greg is gone this day. The day after he left the huge Easter Festival started up with little tiny shops all in Old Town Square. I am sad he barely missed it!