Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So I have found the source of inspiration for this blog. Taco Bell. I know many of you are rolling your eyes because you know of my obsession with the restaurant, but today I found myself on their website. I checked out a few of my favorites and then wondered if there were any in Europe at all, who knows, maybe I would take a field trip to visit it. Well, there is one in Spain, but it is on a Naval Base and only they get to eat at it. There were some in London, but they were closed down in 2006. WHAT IS WRONG WITH EUROPE?!?! They have stupid KFC and Pizza Hut but no Taco Bell. These people do not know what they are missing. Seriously, that is the first place I am going when I get back. I am so mad Chicago Airport has no Taco Bell. What is wrong with the world today.
ANYWAY... I'll stop making myself salivate. The last day in Budapest was pretty awesome! I went to this place where they had old Communism statues. It was like a Communism park of statues and most in the world are destroyed, so it was amazing seeing these. The ones of Stalin there are some of the last ones on Earth. It's weird how people destroy them after the regime is done. I feel it was smart for Hungary to keep them, but move them out of the city. I mean it's art, no matter how ugly it is, and it's their history. Yes, it sucked, but it happened. It's like the Holocaust, it was terrible, but they keep around the remains of concentration camps because to make people remember. I feel the same about these statues.
I was the only one from our group, who was all girls by the way, to go see it. Others were going to come with me, but they decided they wanted to shop, since this place was very hard to find. I almost gave up myself. I asked a couple people where this bus stop was and they all did not speak English, but tried so hard to help me. There was one awesome dude in particular that I am very thankful for. I was asking directions from this little old lady who was trying so hard to tell me, but I did not understand what she was talking about at all. Then this bus driver honked me over to his window while he was stopped at a light. He also did not know English, but pointed in a direction, which did not really help me much. So my friends and I decided to head back, and went down the street a little ways to wait at the tram stop to take us to the shopping district. Then the bus drove by us, after the light turned green, and the driver honked at me and waved his arm for me to follow. So I ran over to the bus at the next stop. He literally stopped the whole bus, got out, and showed me which bus to take and where to get off. He is my Budapest hero. I feel bad for the people on the bus though. Having to wait for a stupid American tourist. It was totally worth it though. I loved seeing all the insane statues.
They even had the one of Stalin's boots. In Budapest they had a statue of him measuring 16m in height and then pulled it down after Stalin died. It was interesting seeing these sculptures though, because I have seen many of them in history books, but this actually happened to this country. It's weird thinking about how 20 years ago many of the places I have visited were run by Communism. That's how old I am! They have only have the length of my age to get over Communism and become a free nation. From personal experience, I would say these countries have done very well. I am impressed!
Anyway, we rode the train back after that and rode in it for 7 hours!!! Crazy. The yesterday I went to the museum, because it is free on the first Monday of the month, and that was my last first Monday of the month here, so I figured I could check it out. It was the weirdest museum I have ever been it. Whoever created it had ADD. They had early civilization tools and then a room of medals the President of the Czech has acquired during his life, then a room full of different kids of rocks. On the same floor they had the different levels of the world, showing the core and stuff, and then in a room off of it things describing wind power, and sharks, and prehistoric animals. This was all in the same room. I was just so confused. The second floor was all animals, but they had like a bug collection, then animals that were stuffed, then the skeletons of the animals. This museum had no connecting thread, so I just was all over the place basically. Plus it was all in Czech, so I could not read what was going on. It was a very lost in translation moment for me.
This is like a big time museum too! It's pretty famous, and many people go there. I just do not understand the draw though. I was just so confused the whole freaking time!
Today I had a test in my Differential class and luckily it was super tough, so the teacher helped me with 3 of the 4 problems. That was nice! On the last test I got a 100%. Thanks to my handy dandy notes! Now I will probably sit around today since my life here is just so difficult. I would go outside, but it's rainy again. Stupid Prague. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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