Saturday, May 1, 2010


So, I am glad I missed out on May Day celebrations in Prague. Apparently boys pull you under cherry blossom trees and kiss you. I do not want some rando kissing me under a tree, thank you very much.
Anyway, today in Budapest I got sunburned soooo badly. My skin is basically on fire right now. But, that means it is beautiful here! I wish it was this weather in Prague! It's awesome short weather! I am sure it will be when I get back to Kansas, but at least I will already have some color and not be super pale. I am sure it will be hot in Italy though... anyway I am rambling.
Today we went and saw many things. Let me see if I can remember.
First, we went to the Parliament building (which was quite a walk), then to St. Stephen's Basilica! After we found our way to the National Opera Theater!
We then wanderes down a street and ended up in Hero's Square. In said square there are statues of many Hungarians who are all heros in the eyes of the nation. I wonder if the guy who made the Rubix cube is up there?
After we had lunch in the park, and I had an authentic Hungarian dish, but I am not sure of what it is called. Then we went to the SPA!! I went into a steam bath for the first time ever and it was just awful! It was about 100*C and I could not breathe wahtsoever. The place had a really cool vibe though. There was a huge pool outside, but it was a thermal pool. So you got to hang out in that. People were playing chess in the pool and it was just an awesome time. There was a sulfur pool too, which was different, but I tried it! Then when we were leaving, I walked through the bathroom and saw all these naked, old ladies. Why do old ladies not care about changing in front of people? It's very creepy. The men there wear very little bathing suits too, which is also odd. I miss boys wearing swim trunks, so you cannot see every little detail. It's awful!
Then we rode the bus for free (because apparently it's free here) to a place for dinner. Looked around at shopping places for a while, then off to a boat ride! So exciting! It was beautiful seeing all the buildings at night. Now I am waiting for everyone to get ready, because we are going out to a club for a while!
While I am waiting, I thought of two things I hate about Europe in general:
1. When you want ketchup anywhere (even McDonalds) you MUST pay extra for it.
2. When you are eating anywhere (even McDonalds) you MUST pay for the bathroom.
Basically I am sick of them charging me for things that I should have already paid for when I bought the stupid food. I cannot wait to be in America again, where everything is free and cheap. Until then I have one more day in Budapest, a week and some in Prague, a week in Italy, and six days in Prague again. I canot believe it is almost time for me to go home! Time has gone by so fast here, and it seems it will only go by faster as the month continues!
Well, I will most likely write when I am in Prague again!

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