Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So tomorrow morning I leave for Italy at 4:30 my time, that's 21:30 for you central timers. My plane does not leave until 6:00, and the public transportation is not open until 5am, so I have to take a taxi with Hannah and Heidi to the airport. I think it will be relatively cheap though, since it's three of us and it's about 15 minutes away.
I am so excited to go to Italy though. I have wanted to go since 6th grade in World Studies with Mrs. Hawkins. She told us about the Colosseum and how Rome was such a great civilization, and it was then and there I made a goal to get to Rome one day. Starting next Tuesday, that goal will be achieved. I also remember researching the Roman Colosseum in 7th grade and Frank and I making a miniature one. It was so awesome!!! That was probably the best project I ever did.
The point is, I am very excited to go someplace I have wanted to go to since I was little. The only place that would beat Rome is Giza, Egypt. That is not happening though, so I guess Rome is a good alternative!
Anyway, I was talking with Hannah today about going home and I realized how different it will be. I am really nervous about going home actually. I haven't driven since Early February, and I am kind of freaking out about getting behind the wheel again. I think my head might explode when I can understand what everyone is saying too. I am so used to just zoning out everything because I cannot understand it. I think it will be a bigger culture shock coming back to America than coming here for some reason. I am not really sure why I feel this way, but it kind of makes me nervous to go home. Weird... But I am excited too! Do not get me wrong. It will just be different. Here I never text or talk on the phone anymore, so it will be weird getting back into that, if I do at all.

Another thing I learned. Skype is a wonderful, amazing piece of technology. I get to talk to my family and friends for free and see their lovely faces?! It's better than a cell phone! If you ever study abroad, get Skype, and make sure all your loved ones have it as well because it is so handy!
I do not really have much more to say, except I am starting to become very nostalgic about leaving. It is coming up really quickly, and I think I am more nostalgic about leaving Europe, than I was about leaving America. At least when I left America, I knew I would be back in less than 4 months, but with Europe, I do not know when I will ever be able to come back. I might complain a lot and say I miss home, but I really do love Prague. I enjoy walking around it all the time and just looking at everything. There is so much to see and so much to do. Whenever I am bored, I can just go out and see beautiful buildings. I'll miss doing that once back in Kansas, and I'll also miss the subway system! It's so handy, and cheap!
Well, that's about all. I had my last class ever here yesterday and am now anxiously awaiting my "final" next Friday. Hopefully I will be able to type a bit in Italy, but if not then I will write again next Thursday when I return for sure!!

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  1. Kelsey, My goal is to help you adjust to home life quickly and easily. I have a lawn mower that I will let you push to help with my endeaver towards that end:)