Saturday, May 22, 2010


I passed all my classes here so they are will be able to transfer back to K-State! I gave my final grades to Lucy and will have my transcript sent straight to K-State, and I do not have to do anything! EXCITING
So now I am sitting in Prague with nothing to do but wait to go home! I count down the days on one hand now! CRAZY! Today I walked around Prague with Christopher, because he has lived in Prague since February and has not seen the castle, or any of Prague really, so we toured the city for a bit, and I think this might be my last time going into the city because there are SO many tourists!
Tomorrow we (Chris, Hannah, Ida, and I) are going paddle boating in the Charles River in front of the castle and to the park. On Monday we are going to the water park again, and on Tuesday I am most likely packing, and if I have money left I am going rock climbing!
This is all up in the air though, so plans may in fact change. Anyway, that is all I really have going on right now... NO WAIT! I watched Survivor, and I realize now that people who actually play the game and do things never win the game. It's always the people who just follow them and never step on toes. Russell should have won and he did not, due to lack of brains on the jury. I think I will just stop watching the finale because they always disappoint me. That really is all I have for now!

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