Friday, May 7, 2010


Howdy folks!
So, I meant to write on Wednesday and say Happy Cinco de Mayo... didn't happen.
I meant to write on Thursday and say "Foam Party and Three Weeks!"... didn't happen.
So know here I am recapping my past 3 days to you, and all I can think about is the latest Survivor episode I just watched. So, maybe I'll start there.
SURVIVOR!! Freaking crazy man! Craziest season I have EVER watched in the past 20 seasons of watching it. Russell is going crazy and I always just do not know what is going to happen next! Let's see how many times I can say the word crazy! I do not think I know anyone as animated as I am while watching this show. I am also talking to myself, since there is no one else that watches it with me and say, "Oh my god I cannot believe this!" "What is going on?!" I am just so used to watching it with either Greg, or my mom, or my neighbors, that I have become used to asking these questions and freaking out with them about the show. Ida was sitting behind me today, and something ridiculous happened, so I stood up and said, "What the heck is going on!?" She said, "It is just a TV show Kelsey." It may be just a TV show, but I have grown up watching it with people, talking with them about it, and I know all of these old Survivors, so everything they do, it's like I am basically there with them while they do it. What I am getting at is: I miss watching this show with other people. So whether next year it is with Chelsea or Greg, all I know is I need a person watching it with me, so that we can freak out together.
Okay, enough about Survivor. Wednesday I went to a Czech Museum for class and they had Picasso's, Monet's, and Van Gogh's. Cannot take a field trip like that in Manhattan, Kansas. This was my last class for Czech Culture and after wards I turned in my paper. I do not even think she read it, because an hour later I got an e-mail saying I got an A in the class. All I have left is Differential Equations on Tuesday and I am done! I have gotten three A's this semester so far, and all I needed was a pass. It seems even while enjoying myself in Prague, I still have to try my hardest at classes. I think that's probably a good trait to have though.
Later on Wednesday was Cinco de Mayo, and I'll just skip the details. I did find out though from my Mexican friends that they do not even care about Cinco de Mayo and that they party for the Mexican revolution! I have decided that from now on, I will recognize both holidays. The more Americanized Cinco de Mayo, and the more Mexican "Mexico Revolution Day". That way, I appease both sides. I know... I am a giver.
Yesterday I went to my first ever FOAM PARTY!!! It was freaking crazy! I went with Chris, Ida, and Hannah! It was so much fun! I will post a picture actually because it was so amazing! I will probably never go to anything like it again, but I am glad I got to once in my life! This club we went to is really famous too! Macy Gray has performed there, plus Cuba Gooding Jr and Paris Hilton have partied there, sadly not when I was, but that's alright. Later this month Billy Idol is performing there! This place is literally amazing! Cannot find clubs like this in Kansas. Well that's all I got for now. It's raining... again. It's been raining for a week and it will keep raining until next Saturday. Luckily I will be in Italy!!! Well, until next time!

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