Sunday, May 9, 2010


This goes out to all the mom's out there, but mainly to my mommy! Miss you lots and cannot wait to see you!
Anyway, since I last wrote, I have done some interesting things, so I figured I should write about it!
On Saturday I went out and walked around Prague. I walked around for a long time actually, and hit up all the really touristy spots. There are so many annoying tourists here! I never thought I would actually think that I would take pride in Prague, and be upset with the on-goings in the city, but tourists is making me very upset. I now know what people from Prague must think when they hear me speaking English! I heard so many people talking in languages I understood and I kept thinking, "I'm either getting really good at Czech (FALSE) or it's tourism season..." Unfortunately the latter was true. I am only slightly better at Czech than I was in I first got here.
Anyway, I was walking through the streets, and really wishing I could walk 10 feet without getting elbowed by a tourist walking past. Luckily, in small town Shawnee, this does not seem to happen to me! After walking around town, I hit up the PUB with some friends to celebrate their birthdays (since two of them had birthdays within three days of each other.) The PUB is one of my favorite bars in the Czech Republic because you can tap you own beers at your table!! And order off the screen in the middle. It really is an amazing bar. I could not drink or stay out to late, because I had to get up early and head out to Karlstejn. I wrote a while back about how I wanted to go there, and I finally got the chance! I went with Kevin and Angela. We went to Karlestejn and saw the most famous castle in all of Czech Republic! It was built by the guy on the 100 koruna bill. I know you ALL know who that is, but I'll tell you anyway. It's King Karel. He also built the very famous Charles Bridge in Prague. He did a lot for this country, which is why he is on one of their bills. Anyway, after Karlstejn, we wandered around the surrounding countryside and found "Little America". It's basically a huge old rock quarry that is really cool! I will put up pictures later, but it is a really beautiful place. Anyone visiting the Czech Republic for an extended amount of time really should go see Karelstejn!
Now, I do not know if anyone knows about Manhattan, Kansas and it's sister cities, but one of the two lie in the Czech Republic. We stopped in the town on the way back from Karelstejn and I got pictures with the sign (the town is called Dobrichovice), so now, every time I drive by that sign in Manhattan, I can say, "HEY!! I HAVE BEEN THERE!! Yes, I know it's in the Czech Republic, and I am really cool. Thank you, thank you." Or something like that anyway...
Well, that's all for now! I leave for Italy on Thursday morning at a very early time, so hopefully I will blog before then, and maybe even put up photos from today. One can hope anyway!

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