Friday, May 14, 2010


Well, yesterday I arrived in Milan for my last trip while abroad! I did not think there would be that much to do there, but there WAS! I am currently in Venice, but I will tell about this city in my next post!
So we arrived in the Milan airport, which was actually about 75km out of town, since we flew with a cheap ariline. The bus ride into town took longer than the plane ride to Milan from Prague, if you can believe that! I also just thought of something... I will fly every Thursday for the next 3 weeks (starting yesterday). Weird. Hopefully I won't be too tired of it for my super duper long ride home!
Anyway, in Milan we met up with some people and put our stuff in there place, then headed to Dumoa, a church in the middle of Milan, and it was so BEAUTIFUL! We also saw huge high end stores, such as Burberry, Gucci, etc. Milan really is the center for shopping. Also, there is the exact opposite in Milan! Tons and tons of gypsies and homeless people. They were doing crazy things for money too.
Then we went to the castle in Milan, which is honestly the best one I have seen in ALL of Europe! It is the most like a castle I would expect, besides Neuschstein that is, but it doesn't count because it is in it's own are of AWESOMENESS!
Then we wondered around town and I was the closest I will probably ever be to the Last Supper. Apparently if you want to see it, you have to make a reservation 2 months in advance. I do not even think I bought my plane tickets for Italy 2 months ago... LAME!
Then we went and had GELATO! The goal is to have some in every city we go to and figure out which town has the best. I think we will suceed in our quest. Also, in Milan it had been raining for 2 weeks straight, and then luckily it stopped the day we were there, except for a 10 minute downpour, but luckily we were eating Gelato!
We also saw other amazing things, such as the first bell tower in Italy, the Da Vinci Science Museum, etc, but I am forgetting most of it! I'll have to lok through my photos again. Today we headed out to Venice very early, and apparently with the tickets we bought, we had to get it stamped before we got on the train, so we got fined 25 euros for riding the train without it being stamped, even though the guy could have just stamped it for us. It was such an awful, confusing ordeal, but I am trying to forget about it and enjoy the trip nonetheless.
Sunday we head to Florence, then Monday to Pisa for an awesome leaning Tower of Pisa photo session, then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday hang out in Rome! Cannot wait to see more beautiful things that Italy has to offer!

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