Monday, May 24, 2010

The Usual

Well, now that school is over and I am done traveling, I really have nothing left to do in Prague. Yesterday Chris and I went rock climbing and today I am going to the water park again with Ida and Hannah and Heidi!
With only 3 days left here, the days are starting to go by extra slowly. I do need to start to back though, and I did find a vacuum so hopefully I can use it Wednesday and suck all the air out of my bags, so that more can fit in my suitcases!
Wow, my life sounds really boring right now. Compared to all the other things I have done this semester, I guess it really does seem like everything is winding down. Strange. Also, I have been searching for bubblewrap for 3 days now and I am afraid I just will not find it. Maybe I will have to wrap my clothes up in my valuables. I cannot believe they do not sell bubblewrap at stores like Tesco (the equivalent to Wal-Mart) here. It is crazy. Well, I have a day or two more to search. Hopefully some will come up! Well, that is literally all for now!

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