Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Better Late than Never...

Well, I finally have put up the pictures. Thank you all for waiting so patiently. I figured I had to put them up now, because soon I am leaving for Vienna, and then I will be on trip behind on pictures! Cannot have that now can we?
Greg finally made it to Europe! He does not look very excited to be on a plane though, after riding them for like 20 hours to get here and having a but load of delays! Poor guy!

We made it to Barcelona! This is the Arc de Triomph. The first thing we saw in Barcelona!
This is a house Gaudi made. It is made to look like a dragon!
At La Sagrada Familia! Our hostel was literally a block away from the magnificent church so we got to see it everyday! This is probably my favorite things about Barcelona, besides the beach!
At the Park Gaudi created. He helped make everything and it is all so beautiful. This is a marketplace he made. I love the ceiling!
Greg apparently likes vaulted ceilings... almost as much as Gaudi!
In front of a very famous sculpture created by Gaudi. Oh, and Barcelona is also called the city of Gaudi, can you guess why?!
This is the old palace which is now a museum. Greg said he liked this building the most. It was so extravagant and amazing. I wish they had buildings like this in America.
BUNGEE JUMPING! Off a sketchy bridge in the middle of no where.
Needless to say, I was freaking out.
THE SEA! Greg finally got to go to the Mediterranean Sea. I have already been there.
Back in Prague. By an old watch tower
Greg inside of his first castle! YAY
This is Greg's first cathedral he had ever been in at Prague Castle. He picked a good first one I think!
One Charles Bridge. The opera house is behind us!
We stumbled across the first castle of Prague and didn't realize it until after we left. The church and graveyard were so cool! The graveyard was so tiny, but had so many people packed in there. It was really amazing.
On top of Prague! This is the location of the first castle of Prague as well.
At the Easter celebration! The other huge Prague cathedral is behind us.
In front of Prague Castle at night
Sadly, Greg is gone this day. The day after he left the huge Easter Festival started up with little tiny shops all in Old Town Square. I am sad he barely missed it!

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