Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day My Butt!!!!

So, I do not know if this is true or not, but if it is, I am freaking out.
On April 7th America is having their country presentation at a club, along with Russia. On April 8th he will be signing a treaty for the START II in Prague with the Russian President. He will be in Prague from April 5th-April 8th. Then today, we got an e-mail saying, that Obama will be coming to the club were we are having the presentation and watch them. We need to send our name so that they know who will be coming and who to put on the list, but they need it by midnight tonight. That means I will be on stage playing flip cup while the President watches. I think that is somewhat cool, but also somewhat awful. Getting drunk in front of the President... OMG!
But, it is April Fools Day, so I really do not know what to believe. If he is coming, that means we need to change our whole video and drinking games, because I do not know how cool the President will think they are. I sent my name back nonetheless, but if this is a joke, they got me very excited and riled up for nothing. I will be super pissed. I'm just so excited to see the President that if they take it away from me, I do not think I will even want to participate in the country presentation anymore.
Also, whether or not he does come to Prague, I will be searching the streets for him from April 5-8! I want to see him so bad. He seems like such a cool dude, plus I have wasted so much time talking about him, I might as well see him. How cool would it be to see the President in Prague? Pretty darn cool. One can only hope, that maybe I will be eating lunch somewhere and the President Obama eats there too! If only I was so lucky....
Anyway I am leaving for Vienna in 3 hours. And that is no joke or trick or me trying to fool you!


  1. You have a magic bank account. It will never go to zero....So enjoy Europe.S-Dad

  2. Thanks Frank. That's good to know when I'm alone in a city halfway around the world! :P

  3. Could I have one of those magic bank accounts, Frank? I'd be really grateful.