Monday, April 5, 2010


One of the oddest things ever. Countries are named different things to different countries. I feel like if you country is a certain name, it should have that name in all countries and it shouldn't be changed. It's like my name, it doesn't change everywhere I go, it is still Kelsey. Anyway I went to Vienna this weekend, which is known as Wien to everyone not from America. It was so amazingly beautiful there. Everyone was super friendly too! People in Europe never cease to amaze me. I got to Wien, knew none of the language, but everyone there speaks English, even people who work in McDonald's, who would normally only know one language in America. It was awesome.

Anyway, Wien has about 3 palaces in the one town. Why would one town need three palaces? I have no idea. We got to Wien around 5:30am and checked out everything before dawn. The streets were empty and they were ours to rule. Then we found a nice, cheap, centrally located hostel, and slept until about 1pm. From there we went to check out the huge main square, saw an awesome church, then went to all the famous locations. Saw Parliament, City Hall, 2 identical Museums, the Palace Hofburg, and then another pretty awesome church. We also saw the Opera House where the likes of Beethoven and Mozart played. The next day we went to the palace on the outskirts of town. It was so amazing and the gardens were breathe taking, even in the beginning of Spring. We then went to the zoo on the palace grounds where they had PANDA BEARS!!!! I love me some panda bears. Also, during this day I lost my camera. I lost it on a tram in Vienna. I am super depressed, but I won't say anymore about it because my dad is sending me my old one, and there is no point on beating myself up about it. It happens, and I just can't do it again. Then I really will be SOL. Luckily, my friend had his camera and we basically had the same photos, so I cannot complain too much, at least I still have some photos. Also, we went to the huge cemetery in town, and saw Mozart's, Beethoven's, Brahm's, and all the Austrian president's graves. The final day in town we went to this little theme park in Vienna. It was funny seeing all of the rides names there and how different they were. They had some pretty awesome ones though. We then got back on the bus and rode 5 hours to Prague. We stopped over in Brno, Czech Republic's second biggest city and had an hour break, so we checked out the huge cathedral there and then got back on the bus. Now, I am anxiously awaiting my trip to Krakow. It makes the time here go by so much faster traveling so much. I think I am going to give up on seeing Obama. I can't really bother to actually. Also, while traveling I went with my friend Chris from England and I learned all of these new English words, UK style. They really are so different from Americans words. They call the hood of a car the bonnet! So weird. Anyway, I will put up pictures tomorrow hopefully. I need to put them up before I head off the Poland for this weekend!!!

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