Thursday, April 8, 2010

Heading out for Krakow

I am leaving for Poland in an hour, and I have nothing to do since I already packed. I hate sitting and waiting to leave for a trip. I hope writing in my blog helps quicken the time.
I am excited to go to Krakow, it seems like a pretty cool town according to what Ida, my Polish/Bulgarian friend/roommate, says. There was a lot of slashes used in order to describe one person! Anyway, I am glad she is coming with us. It will be nice to actually have a friend who speaks the language come with me so I know what the heck is going on for once in a country!!
Last night we had our USA and Russia presentations. I went and participated in both country's competitions, even though I probably wasn't supposed to be in the one for USA! I got free drinks though, so I am okay with it. For the USA one I played Louisville Chugger and the Russian one included nasty Russian vodka. The USA team also carried around a beer bong for people to use, but no one really seemed interested. Then I said, "I love these!" and did it fairly easily. People saw how awesome a beer bong was, and all started to take part. I felt pretty cool being the one to get it started!
Oh, and I almost forgot something, which I cannot believe that I actually almost forgot this!!!
I saw Barak Obama in his car today! We were walking to our dorm and the traffic going both ways was stopped! Even the trams were not moving! All of a sudden sirens came out of no where and a helicopter flew above us. The cars drove by and had the US flag on it and it was all together a crazy seen. I felt like I was in a movie. Apparently, they have been driving by our place all day, because it's a main road to the castle, which is where they are doing all the signing. We must have caught them coming back from a lunch break. It really was an amazing sight. So much fuss over one person who isn't even a residence in that country. I guess being the leader of America has it's perks. I would hate it though, you could not go anywhere or see any sights in Prague without having to make a big fuss about it.
Anyway, I guess I sort of did get to see him, so mission accomplished this week! Now off to Krakow! I do not know how happy my next post will be though, seeing as I will just be getting back from seeing Auschwitz. I am glad I am going to see the place, but not very excited. It's one of those things you must see to believe I think, so that you can never forget what happened to the people there. It's my way of showing my respect to the people who had to endure I think.
When I get back though, I am not going to be a teenager anymore as of Monday. My friend Ida made a facebook group for my birthday party called Kelsey Beats Teen Pregnancy. The name is courtesy of my future roommate Chelsea. I think it's fairly clever if I must say so myself. I am glad that I can use that name, it's much better than the other option, Kelsey did not beat teen pregnancy. Yes, I think I like option one much, much better! Well, now I really am off to Krakow!

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