Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poland Photos

Well this is the beginning of our Poland adventure together! There was about 30 more students than just us, but these are my buddies on the trip! We are in the middle of the Old Time Square. The statue behind us is of a famous libertarian. The building under construction behind is the famous marketplace. Unfortunately it is closed. Our hostel is about a minute away from this place. It was an awesome hostel in an awesome location!
The is St. Mary's Church! It is also in Old Town Square. Pope John Paul used to give sermons here, but that was before he was Pope of course. He actually went to school here and lived here. He was the head pastor at a church here in Krakow for a while too!
Me in front of the Old Watch Tower in Old town square. To the right is the Old Market Place, if that gives you any reference as to where I am.
This is the famous alter of St. Mary's Church. It is the St. Mary's death and then ascension to heaven where she became queen of Heaven. It opens every day at 10 to 12, so 11:50 and we got to see it! The Nazi's took it from this church during their reign, but it was restored after the war.
Ida and I in Krakow's oldest college. The likes of Copernicus and Pope John Paul went here!
Enjoying one of Krakow's famous Pretzel's!!!
This is where Pre-Pope John Paul lived! Notice the picture of him in the window
Wawel (pronounced Vavel) Castle
Angela and I in the courtyard of the castle. The church of the is behind us. On the photo's right is where the Nazi's were headquartered in Poland during World War II
So, Krakow, is known for their dragons. The story goes that there was a dragon that lived under the castle (yes the castle is right behind us) would eat virgins of Krakow. So the King told the people that whoever could kill the dragon would win the hand of his daughter. So the shoemaker filled a sheep with sulfur and the dragon ate it. After he ate it he went to the river and drank and drank and drank until POP! He exploded! The statue breathes fire every five minutes too! His cave is right behind us, but you cannot see it in this picture.
Heidi, Ida, Angela, and I at dinner
All around Krakow are these pianos (kind of like the Kansas Cows were in KC).
At Auschwitz. It says work equals freedom, but that defiantly wasn't the case.
I think this is one of the scariest photos I took. Where the train tracks end and with Auschwitz well known entrance in the background. It's impossible to think that 1.5 million people were murdered where I stood.
After a depressing trip to Auschwitz, we went and saw the memorial to the President in front of the St. Mary's Church in Old Town Square.
So, for my birthday, we wrote down the times we finished each bottle. There are 11 total. No bueno.

Well, I figured I should put these up before I leave for Germany today! Hope you enjoy them! I am going to be gone until next Tuesday, but I'll try to keep you updated! Hopefully I can write once and a while. If not, the game plan is Thursday and Friday: Berlin. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday: Munich. Driving back to Prague on Tuesday, and will get in around 5am my time. Sadly I have class at 9am! I actually have to go too because I have a test thing in it or something. Yuck. Ah well, I guess I should do some school while here!! I do have to pass you know!

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