Monday, March 1, 2010

Back "Home"

It's weird because my friend said after we got home today, well we are back home. And I am not home... but it was nice to recognize everything and know exactly where I am going! It's odd that I think of Prague as my "home" though... I never dreamed of being in such a cool city and saying well I'm back, time to get back to the grindstone.
Today I almost missed my flight back to Prague! YIKES! But luckily it was delayed by 30 minutes. We literally ran everywhere. We ran to catch our train, ran to catch our bus, ran to get our boarding pass, ran threw security, ran to find out that it was delayed... and then sit. It was very anticlimactic. I expected to be running after the plane after that. I had Krispy Kreme donuts at the airport! They had them and I was so flipping excited! It's always nice to get a taste of home. Like having Doritos, or eating real spaghetti sauce on pasta, and not just ketchup.
I made it to my class to and am now about to get to some serious TV watching. I realized today that after this weekend, Greg will be here in less than a week, so after Dublin, I will see Greg in 6 days. That's very nice to know! :)
I chatted with my future roommate today and she asked me a very good question. "Do people in Britain actually have bad teeth?" I do not want to say all Britain people had bad teeth, but let's just say most of the ones I met did. But then my friend Chris here doesn't have bad teeth. I would say 90% of the people I saw in London did, but I didn't see everyone!
It seems very surreal that I am already going to Dublin after just getting back... tomorrow will be a day filled with relaxation and then I need to get ready for my big trip!
Luckily I will have almost a week to relax until Greg gets here. I will probably be doing a lot of sleeping. Speaking of I should probably do that. I hope I can put up my pictures from London tomorrow, so that I can do it before I leave for Dublin. So you might, maybe, perhaps, get a chance to see them tomorrow, but do not hold me to it!

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  1. Not so bored afterall, huh? Now you see how quickly time passes once you get rolling. You don't have to have something going on all of the time. Take and enjoy those slower times to relax, recharge & reload, to go along with all of your "jetsetting."