Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cheating the System Never Felt so Good!

Well, after I wrote last night we went out to an awesome club the University of Hatfield provides in its union. There was a huge dance floor, and it was pretty much epic! I knew most of the songs they played, but I didn't know they had so much music I have never heard of! We got back around 3 and I passed out until noon. I didn't mean to wake up so late.
After that we headed into the city and went to Buckingham Palace. I havebeen feeling very gyped about money and people at the subway station do not seem to care, so I did not buy a day pass today. I just used my once rom yesterday and told them it didn't work and they let me threw for free every time. Was it wrong, maybe, but I feel better about how much I spent transportation wise while here nonethelss.
After Buckingham Palace, which sadly did not have the red coated gaurds with big hats, we went to our hostel we stayed at the night before and dropped our stuff off. We payed for a 4 person room, but since it's Sunday no one is here, and we get the room to ourselves, meaning we bought a cheap 2 person room!
We then headed down to Chinatown where I found the buy of a lifetime! I bought a cheap backpacking backpack and it only cost me 18£, which means $27. I was very happy with this, since most in Prague are around $30. After we wondered the town and then went back to the hostel where I got to take an awesome shower. It's not backpacking if you miss a day or two of showering! ;)
Tomorrow I need to get up at 7am to head to the airport. I liked my laidback day wondering around London though. I also learned a lot while traveling too. Hostels are actually really nice, people will give you directions, go to the shady restuarants, they are better and cheaper, and conserve every dollar you can, even if that means chetaing the system a little :P

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