Sunday, February 7, 2010

In the Land of Hogwarts

Today I finally started my study abroad trip. I first flew out to Dallas, which went super smooth, but had no free wi-fi connection!!! I was slightly upset. Then I took the big leap over the pond and flew on to London. While on said 9 hour flight I watched 4 movies (Taking Woodstock, The Invention of Lying, The Informant!, and X-Men: Wolverine Origins), finished listening to the 7th Harry Potter book, and watched and episode of The Big Bang Theory. I also had my first legal alcoholic beverage. It was yummy with the pork dinner they gave me. Once in London I had a 4 hour layover. Can you believe the biggest airport in London didn't have wi-fi either?! Upsetting.

Once in Prague I found my buddy, and oddly enough 3 other people who are studying abroad from K-State on my flight. We headed to the dorms and there I settled into my new and awesome room. It is nothing like a dorm room, which makes me so happy. I share a room with 2 other girls, one of which I still haven't seen, but her stuff is there. In our "pod" we have a kitchen and a bathroom, along with 3 other rooms connected to it. My room is all decorated with pictures and really homey now, which is good since I am so far away from home.

While in Prague today I got a new cell phone, went grocery shopping, rode the subways, and just went shopping in general. After not sleeping at all on my flights though I'm pretty tired out. That being said I'll post pictures tomorrow, because I am just too tired today!

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  1. Hello Kels,
    Great that you made it timely & safely, in part because of your nice trip planning by going through Dallas instead of going through the white-out and delays of the East Coast.
    Love :-) Dad