Friday, February 12, 2010

Seeing My First Castle

And the one at Dinsey World does not count, as I have discovered today.
We set off at 7:30am. so early. We then drove to a car manufacturing company called Skota. The machines they had building those cars was amazing! Apparently factory workers there make more than university professors do, which isn't saying much because apparently professors make not to much money. It's really odd because in America they make about $100,000 a year. I think that's a sign college is too expensive there. Here kids do not have to pay for classes, which is probably why the professors get paid so little.
We then went to a "romantic" castle, which basically means it's almost all torn down. It was still very pretty though. You could tell where certain things used to be, and I'm sure it used to be beautiful. We then had to walk back to the bus, and when we got there it was stuck in the snow, so all the boys had to push it out. It was fairly entertaining.
After this we drove the a place called Czech Paradise, which is a huge hill with a gorgeous scenery and a huge pain to climb. Especially in snow. I'm going to have to thank my mom right now for buying me these Cabela boots. If I hadn't had them on I would probably be dead. Literally you were climbing up sheer ice for half the part. I was really good though. Better than most boys. Many people over here are gentlemen and when I was climbing down one of them was told the others to help me and I told them that I was fine. I think that's different from what they are used to hearing, because they proceeded to help anyway. The pictures I got were just gorgeous though, so I am okay with the idea that I risked my life for them.
When then ventured on to the castle called Cast, which means bone in English. It is still in perfect condition, but it is apparently closed during the winter. They opened it just for us though, and it was FREEZING in there. We say the chapel, and then the security rooms when the castle was under attack. The walls there were 9 feet thick! Then we went to the torture room and dungeons. Which were really scary. The worst we head about was the Wheel. It has a certain place were it bulges out and it breaks every bone in the persons body and then finally breaks there neck. Once dead they weave the persons broken dead body in between the spokes, and hang it on a hill for all to see. Sounds dreadful. After we ran back to the bus because everyone was so cold from the days activities and went off to the Medieval Brewery.
We ate pork and drank ale. I tried something called a Wild Honey drink, which tasted so good. The bread there was also fantastic. There was belly dancing, fire jugglers, a with trial, and a crazy old hag. At one point she was coming near us and one boy told her in Czech that my boyfriend had broken up with me (but he hasn't so let's not start any rumors) and she came over and kissed my head and gave me a hug. I had no idea what was going on so I was trying to crawl away because she smelled really bad, and I do not make a habit of letting strangers kiss me and everyone was basically laughing at my shock. Once I learned what happened though I found it quiet hilarious too.
It was a pretty awesome day all around, except now I have to get up at 7:15, and go get my phone on the bus, because apparently it fell out of my pocket when I fell asleep. After that I'm going right back to bed!

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