Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Five Miles

That's how far I seriously walked today. In snow boots. I will have so many blisters.
The reason I had to walk so far is because at Czech Tech the different departments do not like each other, so you cannot go to one place to register, you have to go to each department you have a class in to register. So first I waited in like for about 40 minutes to enroll in 2 classes, one of which I need to drop. Then I went to the other place to register, but they close at 11, even though it is enrollment week, so now I cannot go back until Monday. Then I had to go to the middle of town where the office of the Transportation Science place is, yes, it's not even on campus, just for it to have just shut down for lunch, so then I took back my broken converter and got a new one, then ventured back to the middle of town and got registered there. I missed the Prague Discovery Game because this all took so long, but that's ok because everyone said it wasn't very fun. Which makes me glad I ditched it and walked around Old Town instead, which is BEAUTIFUL!!! The buildings are just like they were in the 1400's and they have such magnificent churches. That's what I hate about America, our history is so short. The buildings here are made back in a time that cannot be replicated now.
I also found out most Czech's cannot read or write, let only speak English. Which makes me wonder why they listen to American music. It dawned on me today while I was in a store that I was probably the only person in said store that knew what the song actually said. It's very odd. You think they would make their own music if they do not even know what the words are.
After this I crashed back at the dorm because I was just so tired. I have to get up before 8 tomorrow to be on the bus for the Pelsner Brewery. Hopefully I will be able to get up. I hear there is a lot of walking in store for tomorrow too... oh joy! :)
Oh and my Dad brought up a good point, I never said my roommates names. The one from Wisconsin is Hannah and the one from Poland is Ida, but she had to go home because she has mono. Luck for her she just has to write a paper about Prague for her school, so she will be able to come back in a month and still be able to finish it. I was sad to see her leave because even though we only hung out for one night, she was still really cool. She was going to be my drinking buddy, but now I guess I will have to wait a month to hang out with her again. Sad day!!! But tomorrow will be a fun one! Can't wait!

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