Friday, February 26, 2010

What a Busy Day!!

I had a long, busy day. I have no idea where to even begin, so I guess I'll try to just start from the beginning. First we left John and Dan and headed back to London. Once in London we went to London Bridge, which isn't that big of a deal. It's the one across from it that is. It's called Tower Bridge and it's the one with 2 huge Victoiran towers and a drawbridge. So we headed over there and took a closer look and then hung out at The Tower of London. We were going to go in, but people said it wasn't that interesting inside and I couldn't give up $25 for something that apparently wasn't that cool.
So we went to Westminister Abbey, the huge church by Parliament. It was so magnificent inside. Many famous people are buried there such as Queen Mary of Scotts, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth 1st, and King Herny 7th, to name a few. Then we went and saw huge memorials to Isaac Newton, Shakespeare, and Charles Darwin, as well as the resting places of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. I think we were supposed to take no photos, but I might've taken a few illegal ones. I couldn't help myself. They were too beautiful!
After we headed to St. Pauls Cathedral. It was so beautiful. The domed ceiling alone was to die for. We went to the Whispering Balcony inside of the dome and it is a perfect circle, so I got on one side and whispered to Nick and he whispered back and I heard every word! It was amazing! We then went to the top deck outside and saw all around London. It was windier than Kansas up there though! It was pretty tought to walk at some points... but luckily it didn't rain all day! We had a beautiful, sunny, slightly windy day in London in February. Go figure!
Afterwards we checked into our hostel... which is not that bad at all. We checked in for another night because we like it so much. Plus the food here is super cheap and good at this hostel! Not to mention I have spaghetti, with real spaghetti sauce!!! No ketchup! I was beyond happy. We also went and bought Doritos, so Greg you do not need to bring me any after all meany-face :P
Speaking of Greg, his family is coming up today and sadly I cannot be there to party it up with him on his birthday. We can just have a make-up party in 2 weeks in Prague, and the best thing is I can drink legally in the bars here without my fake i.d. Actually you do not ever need an I.D. in Prague. Even in London today there were these drunk, hooligan, 14 year old boys walking around town at 10pm and went right by these cops, but they didn't even get stopped, even though the legal drinking age is 18!! Crazy town.
Afterwards we checked into our hostel and ate dinner we went to the National Gallery, which is free by the way. All museums in London are free! Score! There I took some more "illegal" photos and saw some Monet's, Van Gogh's, and Picasso's, to name a few. Tomorrow we are going to see the changing of the gaurds at Buckingham Palace and hang out in London with John and Dan. They are going to show us some hip places tourists do not really ever see which is exciting!
Right now I am in my hostel and I just met someone who is directing a legitamite movie. He spent $400,000 on it and says it will be in American theaters in November, so I may have to support him and check it out! Time for bed though, I have a busy day tomorrow! Where does the time go in London? It disappears as fast as my money here!

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