Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guess who's going to Dublin?!

Me of course! :)
I leave next Wednesday with my friend Quinn and get back on Sunday. I will miss two classes, but they are Czech Language and Czech Culture and they specifically said if you need to miss for trips it is allowed, so I am!
I also find I am getting bored a lot here. I have one class on Monday, one class on Tuesday, and two classes on Wednesday. I have no homework in any of them. Two of them do not have finals. I am literally sitting in these classes for nothing, and sometimes I wonder why do I even go. This Czech Language class is impossible. Even though I am living here I know I will never learn it. Even the teacher has been quoted as saying, "This is how to actually say it, but say it this way because no one says it that way since it is too hard." WHAT?! This has only been one class and she has said it 3 times, and it was only on the numbers from 1-10. Why would you make your numbers here impossible to say? It's because the whole language is impossible to say. They have words with five consonants in a row. No vowels at all! I will never, I repeat never, learn this language for the life of me. So then what is the point of even paying attention in class? I am seeing little point as of now.
I also have been getting majorly creeped out by teachers here. There is no personal bubble in this country, but I always expected some from the teachers at least. Both my math teachers get way too close to me, but it's not just to me it's to everyone else too, so it makes me feel less scared, but still awkward nonetheless. My stats teacher, in the first lesson, goes as far as resting his hand on the students shoulder and bending over them to see what they are doing. I have never been touched by a teacher I have never known... I don't think I like it too much. People in general do not respect other people's bubbles here. Sunday I was eating dinner with friends and it was 4 guys and me. This other man I have never meet walks up and shakes all there hands, he gets to me and I shake my hand as he leans in for a cheek kiss. So then I'm stuck in this awkward hand-shaking, cheek-kissing situation and then he laughs and shakes my hand. I do not like the idea of letting someone kiss my cheek that I know, let alone someone I do not know.
Speaking of stats class, that started yesterday. The teacher already gave us the final and is going to go over it with us before we take it. Lovely. There is also only 4 of us. The class is not on campus, and I have to take a subway to get there, which I do not mind, it's just different. The weird thing is, is that we have to walk up this town like place and ring a buzz so that the teacher will come open the gate. We meet in a conference room and he does problems on an itty-bitty white board. Things are just really random over here.
Random fact for ladies everywhere who want to travel here. Do not get your period here, or if you do, bring your our tampons. Tampax exists over here, but it took me 3 stores to find it, all the other stores just sell ones without the applicator, just the cotton. I know it's an icky topic, but I figure it's something a lot of people need to know, so sorry guys out there, but please bear with me. The ones I did find that are semi-okay only have 8 in a box and are around $10, just for those 8. Are you sure Czech Republic isn't a 3rd world country? :P Just kidding.


  1. Hello K-O,
    You may be somewhat bored, but you sure seem to be able to fill in the blank spots with some interesting happenings and people/situations. I wish that you didn't have to go through some of those situations, although you are certainly handling them, The K-O Way). Enjoy your Dublin trip and tell some of our O'Hara kin, "Erin Go Bragh!" (Ireland Forever)!
    Love :-) Dad

  2. Dublin was supposed to be my trip - so jealous!