Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back to the Land of Hogwarts

Today my friend Nick and I set out from Prague to London. I had to get up at 6am, shower, and we were on the bus to airport but 7:30, because Nick was worried we would get lost and we didn't. So, we sat in the airport for around an hour and saw officers who had MP5's, which did not make me feel safer. It did the exact opposite actually.
Once we were checked in, we had to take our bus to a plane, and board from the tarmac. Our plane was pink and purple and the flight was only 2 hours, but technically just an hour since we gained an hour coming back here.
We flew into a sketchy airport called Luton and had to take a bus and hour and something to get into actually London, but it was nice because I got to see the country-side outside of London, which is very beautiful. Even in February it is lush and green, plus the rolling hills added something magical too!
Once in London, we went and found Piccadilly Circus and then made out way to Big Ben. We got out of the subway and saw the river and didn't know where Big Ben or Parliament were. Then I realized Parliament was right next to us and turned out. Right behind us was Big Ben! It was so huge and beautiful. We had to take a minute and realize, "Wow, we are actually in London." We then went to the Eye across the river and rode the HUGE ferris wheel. We could see so far from it and got some really good bird eye views of London. We then ventured into Parliament because it started raining, and it was free, so that didn't hurt either. We went into the place and it was so beautiful. We listened to the House of Lords and the the House of Commons. The House of Lords beats the House of Commons by beauty and appeal. I wish I could've taken pictures, but it was sadly not allowed. The detail on some of the sculptures was just amazing.
After we decided we were hungry and went to find our friends Dan and John in Hatfield. We trained it out to them and went to a Chinese Buffet, which apparently is what everyone eats here, so I did not feel bad eating there. I also had ice cream since the first time I was here.
We were going to go out tonight, but honestly it is way to expensive here. A bottle of beer is around 6 dollars. Our dinner alone was 13 pounds, so around 20 dollars for a Chinese buffet. We also went to McDonald's and a cheeseburger alone was about 2 dollars! What the heck London?! Tomorrow we are going to some excellent places, I just hope it doesn't rain though! I will post pictures when I get back to my computer in Prague, so until then you will have to just imagine all the awesome places I have been! I hope you can contain yourselves while waiting for pictures!!!


  1. You've reminded me how much I love London!

  2. Hey K-O,
    It will be tough, but I'll do my best waiting for your pictures. Love :P Dad