Friday, February 19, 2010

A Day of Wanderment

Yes, that is supposed to say wanderment. I know it's not a word, but I am making it up. It means wandering around the city of Prague with no real agenda. That's what I basically did today. I went to the mall and then I went to Old Town Square where they had lots of cute little shops and common food from Czech for very cheap, as well as cute little souvenirs. So if you want cheap food/beer/gifts in Prague, head to Old Town Square. Beautiful buildings and atmosphere!
Yesterday I made a list of difference between Kansas and here, and I would like to add something to that list:

Children ride the subways and walk around town all by themselves starting around the age of five. That's the youngest I noticed anyway. I do not know they they have a very low abduction rate or something, but I do not think I would be comfortable letting my children roam the streets of Prague alone.

I feel like I am starting to fit in here. People do not look at me so much as a tourist anymore. In the past 2 days people have come up to me speaking Czech and I say, "I don't speak Czech" and they say "Oh, pardon" and walk away. I guess that's a good sign because maybe people won't target me to be pick-pocketed.
The Olympics are getting on my last nerve. All the good stuff here is on at such awful times, and apparently The Office, Parks and Recreation, Community, and 30 Rock are all taking a break until the beginning of March, so the Olympics will play over there slots. Kind of aggravating.
Tonight I think we are going to a big club in Prague which is exciting! Maybe more people will buy me drinks!! I also received a package in the mail today from my mom for Valentines Day! It was a good pick me up, even though I had a wonderful day since the weather is getting a ton nicer and I can actually venture out around town!

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  1. Hello Kels,
    Glad that you feel like you're starting to fit in there.
    Just like here in the U.S., Olympics for another week on NBC's prime-time lineup and then the restarting of their regular prime-time lineup. At least you can watch new Survivor and Top Model episodes.
    Love :) Dad