Monday, February 15, 2010

First Day of School

So I have class in about 8 hours. It's very odd thinking about going back to school. I have basically had another summer break, just in winter. I am taking Czech Language, Czech Culture, Mathematics 2 (Differential Equations), and HOPEFULLY Statistics. I enrolled in it so long ago and now I emailed my professor and she says she is not teaching it! If I do not get in this class, that's the second one they screwed me one. I have never had a worse time trying to get into classes or a school. What school gives you a class, and the day before says it's not happening. I'm kind of getting sick of this school. I do not even think I'm spoiled at K-State. I just think they make it so difficult to get anything done here. Running all around the huge city just to enroll in one class, which turns out I might not even be able to take it. It's very frustrating. So after my class tomorrow, that's on the list of things to work on I guess. I realized today though that I will only have 26 days of school total. I guess I am ok with that!
I just hope I get into this stats class, if not that another class I have to add to the schedule once I get home. If I would've known this would've been such a wasted semester I might've just stayed at K-State. This is getting a little ridiculous. The only real class I would be taking this whole semester to help me is Differential Equations.
I hope it all works out. Literally I did nothing today but read and buy tickets for when Greg is here. We are going to Barcelona for 2 days :)
I'm excited to be warm and in the prettiest city in Europe, plus I'll be with my boyfriend, so I guess that helps me enjoy the city a little more too! I guess that's one bright side to being over. Seeing many beautiful places.

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