Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brewery Trip!!!

I went to the Brewery in Pilsner today and it was so much fun!
We left at 8am and took a train 2 hours to go to a little town in Prague called Plzner. I sat with some nice people from Slovenia and France, and once we got to the actually brewery I found out I was the only American there when they asked all where we came from, which was odd since there were about 40 in our group. We then saw where they packaged the beer and sent it out to. The best part of the whole experience had to be when we were in the cellars. They no longer keep beer there, but still had some down there for the visitors when they visit. This beer is unlike any I have ever tasted. It wasn't as bitter as beer is now, and was unfiltered. It was very good, and I think a little more alcoholic or something, because after one free glass I was kind of feeling it.
We then went to lunch and I sat with my new Slovenian and French friends. I had another beer, and was on the edge of drunkenness before 4pm... I think that's a new low for me. For lunch I had dumplings for the first time, apparently a dish the Czech people prepare quiet a bit. Before we left, my new friends and I decided to take something for the road, and "borrowed" the awesome Pilsner cups they gave us for the beer. Hey we are poor and college kids, what do you expect? :P
We then went to one of the highest towers in Czech, a church steeple in the middle of town. From there you could see miles around, and even the 3rd largest synagogue in the world. Since Czech was controlled by Germans in WWII, how that building made it out alive is beyond me.
After we went to this awesome place called the P.U.B. which stands for Plzner Unique Bar. At every table is your own tap. You fill as much as you want and at the end they keep track of how much you had and charge you for it. Except the group I'm with said they would pay for 3 of our beers. I do not like beer too much, but since I am a college student, it's basically a sin not to drink what you get for free, so of course I drank it! The really interesting thing about this bar besides the taps is that it puts tallies of how many drinks you have had on a board and lists people in first to tenth. We competed with other bars throughout Prague, but never caught the first place person, since they were on drink 50 at 5 in the evening!
We then headed home and now I am getting pumped for my castle, car building, and witch trial trip for tomorrow. I think I will post some pictures and then head to bead! So enjoy!


  1. Hey K-O,
    It was great speaking with and seeing you via skype, about 2 hours ago. You look fantastic, as always. Thanks for updating your blog and posting your pics everyday (or regularly). It makes having you so far away a little easier.
    As you've mentioned in earlier posts, you may get to learn to like beer more as your time in Prague increases.
    Continue to have a great time, (safely & smartly)! It's good that you're getting to meet such a variety of people. Enjoy your 2 other trips.
    Love :-) Dad

  2. I just drank a couple Pilsner Urquells last week. WOO!