Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lazy Days

So far I have seen and done a lot in Czech Republic, but now I'm hitting those lazy days when I do not want to go out and spend more money, I need to save some for awesome trips I am going on. It is also too cold to do anything. I step outside and then just want to go right back inside. I cannot wait for spring so that I can just wander around the city. I hope it is warm for when Greg gets here. Speaking of Greg, I just bought plane tickets and a hostel reservation for us. The plane tickets were fairly cheap. About $160, which if you think about it is actually cheap. It's like we are flying from Kansas to Florida, which I know in America would be so much more expensive. I also got us a cheap hostel room. 22 dollars per person per night. I can't really complain because we aren't even sharing it with a ton of people, it's a private room for just us too and it's right off of the main road in Barcelona. Can't complain about that at all. I am also looking into bungee jumping while in Barcelona. It's only about $90 per person. Either way I am doing it while I am here, it will either be in Prague (they open from April-October) or Spain (they are open year round). I'm super excited about that!
I also found out I do not have to spend any money on books for my classes! My Czech language teacher said that I do not need a book, and my Czech culture class does not need one either. As for my Differential Equations class, we just check out the book at the library for the semester! I do not know about my statistics class yet, since I meet with the head of the department about that class tomorrow, but here's hoping for free/no books as well!
I went to my Czech language class for the first time today, and my teacher said there are no tests and no homework and no final. As long as she can recognize my face by the end of the year (meaning I go to class) then I will pass. Gotta love Czech teachers. For my statistics class we get to take the final (the exact same one apparently) 3 times and take the highest score from them for our grade. I think I'm starting to like this school again... :)
Tonight I am going to a big dance party for our program and they are giving us 3 free drinks. A party on a Wednesday hosted by the study abroad club... good thing I have no classes Thursday! Now I must go look for plane tickets to London, because my friend and I are going to see my buddy from K-State there named John! We have a free place to sleep and everything! We are going next weekend (over Greg's 21st birthday). If I can't celebrate his birthday with him in America I might as well celebrate it in London!
Oh and I have internet over here in my room! This place just got so much more enjoyable!

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