Sunday, February 21, 2010


Yesterday was a slightly boring day. I watched Couples Retreat with a friend and basically did nothing throughout the whole day, which I can't complain about. I like relaxing sometimes and people keep telling me, "You are in Prague, you can't just sit around. You need to see the city." Well I am in Prague, but it is also my home for the next couple of months, and I am sure I will see it all eventually. I can either go out and see it when it's warm or go out now in the cold. I prefer warm, personally.
Last night was pretty awesome though. I went to a rave, and I know my cousin Aaron will appreciate that. It was so fun and I am very glad I went! We were there until 4am partying it up, and left once the subways started going again in the morning. I also had some late night pizza afterward. Pizza here is very yummy, which I appreciate because I love my pizza!
Today I really want to take a shower but the light in our bathroom is out and it is very creepy in there right now, plus no one is here, so I'll probably wait to take one once someone gets back! Maybe borrow the roommates lamp. I am also planning a trip to Dublin, and hopefully returning to the homeland :P
Tickets will only be about $75, so I feel like if I do not go, I am wasting money and will just spend it on stupid things. I'm starting to get all my trips planned which is fun. It just stinks because Prague has such a little airport and it's hard to get decent flights to anywhere that isn't a main hub for an airline, but I'm working on it nonetheless!

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