Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Day in London

Today was a bigger day. This morning we woke up at the hostel and headed out around 9am. We went to a War museum that Nick wanted to see and then to Shakespeare's Globe Theater. After we met up with Dan and John at Tate Modern.
Tate Modern is a museum... a very scary museum. After the war museum this morning for 2 hours I was very museum-ed out! This was a Modern museum and they had some rooms with projectiles on it. It was very scary and there was a lot of nudity and people tied up. I felt like I was watching Saw or something, except it was real so then I basically walked as fast as I could out of the room. I did see some Andy Warhol, Picasso, and the huge Water Lilies painting by Monet. I have always wanted to see it, so it was a nice surprise.
After we walked across the Harry Potter bridge (aka the Millineum Bridge. You know the one that got destroyed at the beginning of the 6th by Death Eaters). Nick is getting sick of my Harry Potter nerdiness. I keep saying things like they sound like Harry Potter, that bar looks like the Leaky Couldren, he said, "Bloody Hell" like Ron, etc.
Afterwards we wandered around because Saturday is the day apparently all the lines are shut down for repair and sort of found Spital Market. Unfortunately it is closed on Saturdays. After that we went to Abbey Road and saw the famous cross walk. On the studio people from all over the world have writtena and graffited on the wall outside to show they have been there.
We then headed to a very college like party of town called Camden. We had a few drinks, listened to some musics, and are now heading back to Hatfield for some shut eye. Tomorrows another big day filled with many firsts! Can't wait!

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