Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

I think I spent my Valentines Day in superb fashion. NOT! I spent my day with a bunch of dead people instead of my boyfriend. So much love in an ossuary.
We started off by heading for Melnick by bus. When we got there we walked up to a church, but they were having service, so we couldn't go in and looked at the view instead.
We then went into the ever romantic ossuary where 10000 people are buried. It was rather scary. It's located right under a church too. Apparently all of these people died from the plague and other were found in a large pit outside the town.
A cross made out of skulls. Lovely.
We then went into the actual church which was very pretty, but sadly did not know what electricity or heating was! Which turned out to be very cold, since it's about 10 degrees out today. The church was amazing though. It is right next to a huge castle, so I guess it had to be pretty.
We arrived at the castle and it was really a Chateau more than anything else.
Notice the Kelseyosarous (and the lovely foot prints). She roams the castle and protects it from invaders.
We then went and had a lovely dinner. These are my friends from Wisconsin (one of which is mmy roommate). Quinn on the far left, then Angela, then Kevin, and then me! The food was excellent. We had schnitzel, which I greatly recommend. The cool thing about this restaurant is that it is in the castle! So I basically had food a king would eat. Ya I'm pretty legit.
After we toured the castle (and I took illegal pictures! tehe) The castle is pretty amazing. The furniture is beautiful. If it was to be replicated today it would probably be around 1 billion dollars. I wish I was kidding but it was absolutely beautiful in that place. I also found out it can rented out for weddings, so guess where my fairy tail wedding will be one day! And it's really cheap too because it is in korunas. So once I am making 100,000 bucks a year, that's the place the sickest wedding party is going down!
After we went to a wine tasting, with the best wine I have ever tasted. I am not exaggerating. I most of the time cannot stand wine, but this was amazingly awesome! I even bought a bottle, if that tells you anything because I am such a cheapo! We then went back to our dorm where I cooked myself dinner and will start reading my book soon. I think I'll head to bed early since I was up so late last night. Classes start tomorrow, but I do not have any!! I do need to enroll in Stats though and un-enroll in two electrical engineering classes. If all goes as planned, I should only wait in like for 5 hours! I wish I was kidding. Hopefully I'll wake up early enough to not have to wait in line at all!!! One can dream anyway....

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  1. Hello Kels,
    Glad that you had another great excursion. It's good that you're experiencing a variety of food and drink, you might be surprised what you might end up liking when you previously thought that you wouldn't. Although, that could apply to alot of things.
    Isn't your roommate from Wisconsin named Hannah?
    Hopefully your wait in line isn't too bad. Wish you could enroll online istead of in line.
    Love :-) Dad