Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Think I'm Not in Kansas Anymore...

Despite all the different languages spoken here, people just do things differently here.
1. People literally take their dogs everywhere. I have so far seen dogs on the subway, in classes, in churches, and in restaurants.
2. People here have no shame. I saw some lady breastfeeding in a restaurant. The baby stopped feeding and the lady's nipple was just exposed and she left it that way until the baby wanted more. Literally sat there for 5 minutes with her nipple exposed and no one in the restaurant cared except for me and my English friend.
3. People never sleep. Ever. They drink and party until around 4 or 5 am and then go to work around 8am. It's impossible
4. In conjunction with 3, people never get hungover. They drink so much and yet are not sick in the morning.
5. People drive on the same side of the road as we do, but they are CRAZY!!! I have never seen crazier drives, and that's saying something.
6. They tried to copy the hot dog and it's called the EuroDog. They take a small baggette, cut the top off, and put a hot dog in it. Then they just squirt ketchup or mustard into the bagette. It's very odd.
7. They do not play basketball, football, or baseball here. They actually do not play sports competitively in schools.
I'm sure there is a ton more, but these are the main ones I have noticed so far.
Today I enrolled in my Stats class, sadly I only have a 4 day weekend now. I do not know how I will manage. The class doesn't start until 4:30 though, so I can still party it up the night before.
Speaking of partying, I went to a party last night and people bought me a drink! YAY! It was yummy and tasted like cinnamon. We also played some drinking games before and we Americans showed out British friend how to play Circle of Death!
I also just bought my plane ticket to London, and it only cost me 120 dollars. Not too shabby. I leave next Thursday and get back in time for my class next Monday. Should be fun! I'm staying with my friend John Goddard. I am planning some other things with friends too while over here in Europe. I think we are going to try and get down to Greece and Rome. Those are really the main places I want to go while here. Germany and Poland are high on the list as well. Hopefully once my roommate gets back I knock those off and stay at places for free too! Oh and Ireland! The list just keeps growing... good thing I have been saving up for a while!

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