Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Change of Plans

So today I went to my meeting and found out that there is no Engineering Physics 2 being offered, at all. Which mean I will need to come back to the States a little earlier than planned. Probably around May 30th or so. I will also be needing to find a new class to take. The whole class thing is getting kind of stressful.
That being said, I love it here! All stores do not close until around midnight and restaurants are open until about 2am. Every single one. There are casinos on many corners around town and the subways are so convenient to get around the city.
I am getting anxious to start classes, but there are still some things I need to do, like find a converter that actually works, so that I stop stealing my neighbors, and sign up for internet in my room, so that I do not have to sit in the lobby we I want internet.
I also found out today that I get a stipend every month for give K-State so much money to go to school here (because apparently it isn't as expensive as it should be). Today I went and picked up 5000 koruna (aka 250 dollars) and will be getting that every month until June. That makes me feel a little better about changing planes tickets, because it's going to cost me 300 dollars, but suddenly I have an extra $1250, so it gives me a little cushion for that and buying food here!
Today was also sign up day for trips to places we want to go. Many only had a few spots, but me being the person I am, I got to the front of every line and signed up for each one. I spent about 90 dollars on it total to get 3 awesome trips which are:
1. Going to a brewery and trying all of the local beer there, then going to a car factory and watching them all be put together.
2. Going to about 3 castle's ruins and seeing beautiful countryside of Prague. Then maybe bungee jumping. the guy mentioned it, but I'll have to see what happens. After this we are going to an old time pub where there is belly dancing and turkey legs and fresh brewed beer and witch trials!!! So exciting
3. Going to the main castle in Prague where the Czech ancestors originally settled. This inculdes a wine tasting tour. Then we will see the scary dungeons and the catacomb made out of human bones and skulls (apparently the largest ever).
All in all I think 90 bucks is a good deal for food, drink, and train tickets. I am getting fairly excited. I just have to get through tomorrow and figuring out my schedule. Oh, and I also went to a hookah bar tonight. I know my parents will love that! :P

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  1. Hey K-O,
    Glad to read that you love it there and with all of the energy and action, there's no wonder. Enjoy all of the casinos, clubs, breweries and hookah bars while you're of a legal age in Prague and the surrounding area.
    Good deal that you'll be getting your extra money returned to you. At least when you get back to Manhattan, around the end of May, you'll have a month to get ready for their ban on driving while texting or calling/talking, which starts July 1st.
    Nice job on getting those 3 trips for only $90! Thanks again for posting your pics, they will help me visualize what you are experiencing and where. Oh by the way, what is your roommate's name?
    Continue having fun smartly & safely.
    Love :-) Dad