Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back in the Homeland

Today Quinn and I set out for the motherland of Ireland. So exciting. We got in and went through customs. While there the security guard asked where my parents were from. I said Iowa. He then asked, "Well then where are your grandparents from?" I smiled and said Ireland! He laughed and said welcome home. It was kind of awesome actually. It never really hits me until a few hours later though as to where I actually am.
Two days ago I was in London, yesterday I was in Prague, and today I am in Ireland. Where will I be a week after I get back to Prague? Barcelona! Oh, the places you will go.
I was talking to Greg yesterday and they said they are celebrating Fake Patty's day this weekend. That's so cute. While he celebrates Fake Patty's Day, I will be in Ireland... DRINKING!!! I think mine is better personally :P Then a week later I will pick him up from the airport in Prague! I am really getting excited!!!
Today Quinn and I wondered around the city. We found a place to stay and it is only 8 euro!! Tomorrow, we are staying at a place and it is 15 euro for the next 2 nights. We also get a free breakfast and a free ride to the airport at 5am, so that we can be at our flight, which gates closes at 6:25am! Perfect! I am only spending 38 euro for 3 free breakfasts, a place to stay, and a ride to the airport. AWESOME!!! I also spent only 55 euro, and that gets me into the Jameson distillery, the Guinness Brewhouse, Dublin castle, out to another castle in the country surrounding Dublin (which is awesome because I really want to see the country side), and into a whole bunch of other places for free! It is quite the deal!
Dublin is a very small city though. They have a bus system, but we didn't buy passes, we are just wondering around doing whatever!
Anyway we are going to a pub tonight, then off to bed so we can head into the country side tomorrow morning!!!

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  1. Hello Kels,
    Thanks for posting the great London pics and we can't wait to see the Ireland ones. Tell all of "our family" in Ireland, "Erin Go Bragh!" You are the first person in our family (with the O'Hara last name) to be in Ireland. Your cousin Jenny was there, but not with our last name. I am very happy for & proud of you.
    Love :-) Dad