Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice in Wonderland!!!!

I did so much today, but all I can think about now is Alice in Wonderland. What and excellent, excellent movie with such awesome actors. I am so glad I was in an English speaking country when the movie cam eout to see it. I could not even imagine seeing it in Prague with english subtitles. I would be so depressed. The movie would literally be ruined.
I love Johnny Depp. Plain and simple. He is the best actor of this decade and can transform any crazy role into pure joy for the watcher. I wish I would've known he was in London the same day I was. I would've found and met that man, but... I digress.
Before seeing this wonderful movie, I went to the zoo! They had so many baby animals! They were adorable. Baby tigers, baby giraffes, baby elephants, baby rhinos, baby monkeys... they were all so happy and just plain cute. We then went to the Jameson distillery. I tried to drink it the Irish way, with cranberry juice. And it was delicious. I think I found something new to order at clubs!
After we went to the City Hall and learned all about how Dublin was created. Then to the National Gallery. I now have seen all the paintings I will ever need, and never need to go to a museum. Next we wondered through Trinity College, before eating dinner, then heading to the movie!
I realize I never wrote about yesterday. We went to Malahide, out on the coast by the Irish Sea. The castle was beautiful, as was the coast. We found an awesome park too! I can never go to a park in America again because Ireland has ruined it. I will never go to a better park, and will be depressed at how awful the parks in America are. Thanks Ireland, for ruining parks forever!
After we went to the famous jail, which is now closed. The walk there took us about an hour. After, we headed to the Guinness factory and I found a beer I actually like! We had 2 pints in the Globe Bar on top of the factory. This Globe Bar is the highest point in Dublin that tourists can get to. It was amazing. I highly recommend it. You can see the country side surrounding Dublin and the "mountains" that enclose it. Afterwards we met some people from Hungary, and after we drank for a while, we wondered the streets of Dublin. The river and boats are beautiful. People say it always rains here, but it hasn't rained once. I hope our luck continues!

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  1. Sounds great but I e-mailed you about a couple, Tom and Trish Houlihan, who live in Dublin. Try and call them with the info provided and they will take you guys to the working class pubs of Dublin. Be safe and have fun.